Flickerless drawing/animation

I have a Image control on which I'd like to do a simple horizontal wipe of a bitmap. Something like:

for i := 0 to MyBitmap.Width - 1 do begin
  BitBlt(Image1.Canvas.Handle, i, 0, 1, MyBitmap.Height,
         MyBitmap.Canvas.Handle, i, 0, SRCCOPY);
end; {for}

Without Application.ProcessMessages nothing happens until the window is redrawn again. With Application.ProcessMessages it exhibits horrendous flicker. It seems for each step in the loop, the background is erased, and then repainted. I want to supress such erasing, and simply Blit on to the screen line by line as quick as possible. I know I could use CopyRect, but it is irrelevant, since I see the same flicker for CopyRect. Can anyone help?

P.S. I don't want to use a timer!
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wolfcragAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
wolfcragAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
LockWindowUpdate(Handle of form/window);
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wolfcragAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I have to reject that answer. Maybe I didn't word my inital question properly. It's true that LockWindowUpdate stops any flickering. But it also stops the image being shown until the very end when I call LockWindowUpdate(0). I want to see each line being drawn on screen from x = 0 to x = MyBitmap.Width - 1. It might be very quick, but I should be able to see it. It's a horizontal wipe effect, in other words. LockWindowUpdate(Application.Handle) stops me from seeing it. Without it, I see the effect, but there is awful flicker.

I tried the code with the PaintBox component. It worked! So, in other words I need the image component to act like a Paintbox component for the duration of the effect. Probably there's some message I need to intercept which tells Delphi/Windows not to erase the background of the image after each call to CopyRect or BitBlt.  
You need to capture the EraseBackGround message for your image and control the actual erasing with one boolean variable. You can do it this way:

{ Declaration }
class TMyControl...
  procedure WMEraseBkgnd(var Message: TWMEraseBkgnd); message WM_ERASEBKGND;
  Erase: Boolean;

{ Implementation }
procedure TMyControl.WMEraseBkgnd(var Message: TWMEraseBkgnd);
  { If Erase is True  then the backgroung will be erased.
    If Erase is False then nothing happens (avoids flicker) }
  if Erase then

Good luck,
Francisco Sanchez

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wolfcragAuthor Commented:

    I'll try out your code later today. Sorry about the delay.

wolfcragAuthor Commented:
Thanks fsanchez, I did it!
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