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How do I set up an Internet Shortcut for Netscape using Windows Explorer under View | Options | File Types?

The setup that I have works, but I get the following error message each time:

"Cannot find the file "http://[Name of URL]" (or one of its
componemts). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all required libraries are available."

Thanks in advance!

David Culp
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Are you trying to setup a shortcut to one specific URL?
Like running "netscape.exe http://[URL]"?

Or are you trying to setup an association so that if you click on something with the extension of htm (or whatever) it starts netscape and goes to that site?

If you are not, I don't get what you are trying to do.

dculpAuthor Commented:

In Explorer, under View | Options | File Types
there is a Registered File Type called "URL:HyperText Transfer

I am trying to get the command right for "open" for Netscape.

Go to the same place you are explaining up there then:
1) New Type
2) Description of type ...{write}...Netscape Hypertext Document
3) Associated Type  .....{write}... HTM HTML
4) Content Type (MIME)....{write}...text/html
5) Default Extention.....{write}....html
6) In action...{write}....edit, then open, the print, then print to

This should take care of your problem.
Let me know

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dculpAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I don't think that's the right answer.  That works for a HTM document on my computer. (I already have that file association.)

What I am trying to configure is a Registered File Type called "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol."  It has an icon of the earth with a page on top.

O.K. Let me ask you first how this ICON got on the desktop?? Did you install something new?? Did you create a shortcut of something?? explain to me, because a transfer protocol is how you'll be able to transfer files over a NETWORK, INTRANET, or to an FTP...
Explain please!
dculpAuthor Commented:
Not sure where it came from.  It was part of my original system.

Yes, it allows me to reach a specific Internet site using Netscape over our office network.  The settings I have work, but I get an error message each time.  I assume I am missing a command switch or have the command slightly wrong.  
Are we talking about The Internet Explorer Icon??? The browser???
dculpAuthor Commented:
My question is:

How do I set up an Internet Shortcut using Windows95 Explorer under View|Options|File Types for a "Registered file type" of "URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol" for Netscape Navigator?


I need a better explaination here:
1) you are in your office
2) you are using netscape to use another computer connection over  your office network.
3) It uses another computer modem, dials the internet and take you to your requested URL.

Am I correct here???
dculpAuthor Commented:
1.  Yes.
2.  Yes, I use Netscape Navigator for access to the Internet over our office LAN.
3.  Yes.

I'm not very good in this regards but I'll give it a shot:
Could you map your server (or computer where you have the modem)?? If yes, do it. Now create a new shortcut to point on using that server for your connection, then try to see if it works. Normally when you have a shortcut problem it is because the Drive or directory or the application that is on the server computer cannot be found from yours.
Its like a path... (e.g.: //drive|directory/filename.ext)
Hope this will work
If not reject my answer, and give chance to others as I can't help more.
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