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I'm new to Delphi and got Delphi 3.0 profesional edition for me to learn, I wanna create a fast graphics program under Win95. I need to put a lot of pixels in whole screen within 1-10 milisecond, so since it won't possible in normal Win95 API, I guess I should use DirectX, but the problem is I dun know how to start with and how to create it ??
Please anyone know how exactly to create a simple pixel uses directX help me...
Please tell me detailed what I really need and what should I do since I'm newbies :) if allowed please create a ready to compile sample source pleaseeeee....
- AnaKecil -
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I often use standard api call's and this is quite fast, but tell me what  size is for you'r screen so i test if this work in 1-10ms.
anakecilAuthor Commented:
Hi Mirek,

I thought there's a misunderstanding about my question, what I really mean is how to fill the whole screen for example 640*480 16 million color with pixels which each pixels color and coordinate calculated lately, but the important thing is that I need pixels can fill whole screen only within 1ms, so each 1ms the screen change into another pixels fill if possible without flickers :) thanks for your comment and help I hope you can help me a lot
- AnaKecil -
I can do this with SetDIBits and BitBlt (640x480) in 8,8ms so I think this can't help you?
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This time depend on hardware. I have 486 with 160Mhz and S3Trio VGA card with 2MB RAM. If you have Pentium 100 with better VGA i think so this can work faster.
Mayby you need learnig DirectX not fast writing to screen ?
Sorry ! Sorry!

I made error on my routine for calculating time
I fill Screen with 88ms.
anakecilAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help mirek,
If you sez that 8ms for filling the screen, I thought that's enough for me, but if it was 88ms, I thought it's too long and I need better refresh then that because I need to accurately update the graphics each 1ms if possible because the result of the graphics is used for controlling other purpose, this displaying it self not yet computed so I hope to get a very fast filling methode, because before fills I need to calculate each pixels location and color to determine the process later...
You're right about hardware dependencies, I need to run it on 486-100 processor with only 16Mb RAM and win95, so I hope that you can help me determine which way the best I do with it in Delphi.
If possible please teach me DirectX way of it, also tell me is it still possible in DirectX ??
I saw some SVGA cards with special drivers (MATROX ...) which can do this very fast but i think so in standard SVGA card (as my S3Trio) DirectX can't do this in needed time.

I don't have any directX template but i write any example to you later (1-2 day ).

Mayby in this time another expert write any code for you.

anakecilAuthor Commented:
Hi mirek,
Thanks a lot for your help so far, I do hope that you can make me a way to learn directX way of putting pixels or bitmap or whatever needed not need 3D since I just need a 2D way to representing graphics. I really appreciate if you can help me on it thanks.
- Anastasia Kecil -
If I were you I would first go to Blake Stones homepage.
And then maybe try Delphi Game Creater homepage:
These are 2 good sites!!!! Because learning Delphi AND DirectX can't be descriped on such a site like this!!!

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