timer for dialer connection

I want to find a dialer that will let me disconnect from
              my server with a timer. I'm taping
              Real Audio info and want to be able to leave the house and have the server disconnect when the cassette is full; eg 45min.  I'm using Netscape 3 under Windows '95.     Thanks
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theTerabyteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

sorry, i do that. the answer to your question is simple.  that's why know one knows the answer.  THERE"S NO WAY TO DO THIS IN NORMAL WINDOWS OR WIN95.  however, There is a little know freeware program called "DUNCE"


It can be obtained from www.tucows.com under internet tools or something like that, or give me your e-mail address and i'l send you the file.  allows you to schedule connections.

let's say it's 4:59(just an example) and you want 52 MIN of music.
tell it to do an auomated connection at 5:02 and disconnect at 5:54.  then, wait till it does the connect 2 minuts later.  start streaming and recording, then leave mnowing it will automatically disconnect in 52 minutes.

It can also do other things for you like automatically start netscape for you, and other programs whenever you connect.

GLAD TO HELP, (the)Terabyte
Assuming you are using Microsoft's Dial Up Networking.

Opento My Computer.
Open Dial Up Networking
Right click on the connection you're using.
Click on Properties.
Click on Configuration.
Click on the Connection tab
Click on the check box for Disconnect call if Idle
Tell it how many minutes with NO activity.
Click on ok.
Close all the stuff.

lynnsAuthor Commented:
This not an answer since I'm streaming Real Audio and there is activity.  I knew the answer to "no activity".  Is there an answer when there is activity.  What did I say wrong in phrasing my question?  do I have to submit it again?

Thanks for help.  Please advise.  Thanks, LYnn
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No, you don't have to rephrase your question, nor resubmit it.  By rejecting my answer it becomes available for others to answer.  The fault is mine, not yours.

I don't know the answer to your question.  Perhaps someone else does.  Wish you luck.
lynnsAuthor Commented:
barthollis says he doesn't know.  Can this get passed on to someone else?  Does that happen automatically?  I perhaps should add that I'm using Real Audio with Netscape 3 under Windows '95.

Please advise what happens next with Expert's exchange.

Thanks, Lynn

When you reject an answer, it automatically goes back to the "Questions needing answers" section.  You need do nothing.  Perhaps you should read the page "Expert grading help".  It is at the bottom of the question screen.   Your question is there, waiting, just like I never posted a proposed answer.  I'm sure someone will pick up on it.
lynnsAuthor Commented:
Hooray.  That's exactly what I want.  He says he will send me the file if I give him my e-mail address:  Please send to: fraeda@mcn.org and cc:lynn_stoller@RedwoodFN.org if possible.

thanks Terabyte.  I guess this gets back to you.
OK, it's been sent, and remember to anyone else out ther who wants it, it can be obtained on probably any shareware site like tucows.com
lynnsAuthor Commented:

When I try to install DUNCE by 2click in File magr. I'm asked which program I want to do it with.  This makes me assume that none of the programs in my Ready Office NEC include as unzipper.  But maybe I'm wrong.  I'm assuming that if I did have an unzipper I wouldn't be asked.  If I'm right, do I need to buy the Netscape one?

I just realized you should get points for keeping up this dialogue./  Sorry.  I'll post this on the exchange if I still can.  

Thanks again,  Lynn (fraeda@mcn.org)
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