CreateProcess fails with GetLastError=0


I call CreateProcess with the lpEnvironment parameter pointing to a buffer containing a lot of environment variables (see below) and the result is FALSE, with GetLastError = 0.
Then I recall CreateProcess, but with lpEnvironment = NULL, and I get the same results.

As the Winexec or ShellExececute functions returns 0 if the OS is out of memory or resources, I tried to reboot my machine (even if I run NT !!), but the CreateProcess behaviour keeps the same.

What's happening? Any comments or suggestions welcome.


my buffer format for the lpEnvironment: 'envVar1=value1§envVar2=value2§...envVarX=valueX§§', where the §§ stands for a zero byte)
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Post the code for the call.
Is it possible that there is some other API call (successful) got inbetween CreateProcess() and GetLastError()?
Seeing that you get the same strange results with the environment parameter set to NULL or not, this is the CreateProcess I use that works.  Try it out to make sure your system is behaving properly, as it is quite simple.  And then from there you can narrow down what is going wrong.

   // process initialization information
   startUpInfo.cb = sizeof(STARTUPINFO);
   startUpInfo.lpReserved = NULL;
   startUpInfo.lpDesktop = NULL;
   startUpInfo.lpTitle = NULL;
   startUpInfo.dwFlags = NULL;
   startUpInfo.cbReserved2 = 0;
   startUpInfo.lpReserved2 = NULL;
   startUpInfo.wShowWindow = SW_SHOWDEFAULT;

if (!(CreateProcess(NULL,
   cout << "Error creating process" << endl;
   dwErrorCode = GetLastError();
   return -1;

To make sure that you are getting the right response from GetLastError(), I'd switch the two lines around.  Make the call to GetLastError() before your 'cout' line.  Who knows what the implementation of cout is calling.  Since this is a console app(?), it would undoubtedly call some of the Console APIs.  These APIs (which are successful) would zero out the GetLastError() code for the thread.

So, call GetLastError first, and then print your message.  Even better, make the error code part of the error message:

cout << "Error creating process.  GetLastError() == " << dwErrorCode << endl;
You may have to make a call to AllocConsole before running it like that.

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