OSR1 TO OSR2 Upgrade

I have been told it is possble to upgrade a drive to OSR2 without having to reload all applications. I thoght it went along the lines of :-
Delete win.com
boot from osr2 boot disk and sys drive
run osr2 setup

But didnt work, any suggestions
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Sbremner: There are a couple of ways to do this.

Make a bootable floppy that loads your real-mode (16-bit) cd-rom
drivers. You have to be able to access your cd-rom drive from dos to do the Win95b install. The following are instructions on how to make a bootable floppy that loads your cd-rom driver. If you already know how to do this then skip to part 2.

Part I
1) Create the startup Disk.  Control Center _> Add/Remove _> Create Startup Disk.  Create the Disk (again if you did it before, just to be safe).  

2) Use the MSDOS Prompt to get to DOS.  
    CD .. (or CD\) to get to the Root Directory.

3) Copy AUTOEXEC.DOS and CONFIG.DOS files to the Startup Floppy. (Copy AUTO*.D* A: and copy CONF*.D* D: )

4) Move to the A: (Type A: and hit enter)

5) Type in EDIT AUTOEXEC.DOS. The one line in that file should look something like this:  (Note you can enter TYPE AUTOEXEC.DOS as another alternative to using Edit since all you want to do is look at it, the same for CONFIG.DOS later.)
           MSCDEX.EXE  /D:OEMCD001 /L:D

Find MSCDEX.EXE (Start _> Find _> MSCDEX.EXE) and send it to the floppy. Don't worry about the OEMCD001 (or its equivalent for your system), it is generated during the processing of the CONFIG.SYS file at boot time.  Note: Do not change any of the other flags than the last one.  The /L:D sets the CD ROM Drive to be the D: Drive. This drive letter can be anything higher than C: that is available.  You can edit it to anything you want but it is safest to set it one higher than your highest Hard Disk (usually C: with one Hard Disk so set to D as above.)

6) Do and ALT X  (or a File Menu Exit) to leave the AUTOEXEC.DOS file alone.  You should be on the A: drive at that point.  Then rename AUTOEXEC.DOS to AUTOEXEC.BAT.

7) Type in Edit CONFIG.DOS.  Simply note anything in that file with .sys after it.  Printing it out is a good idea.

This is the test example we used on a test machine:
DEVICE=CMD640X2.SYS /A:33 /l

Do an ALT X to save that file unchanged. You should be on the A: drive. Then rename CONFIG.DOS to CONFIG.SYS.
These last two drivers, CMD640X2.SYS and CMDTAPI.SYS are "real mode drivers" so often mentioned and are the important drivers for our test Toshiba drive, yours may be different, and you probably have only one driver.

These Drivers; CMD640X2.SYS AND CMDATAPI.SYS (or single driver) MUST be found (Start _> Find each of them) and sent to the Startup Floppy.  When you have found the file, right mouse button _> send> _> 3 1/2" Floppy.

8) Do a Dir A: to look at what is on the floppy.  You should find these files: AUTOEXEC.BAT; CONFIG.SYS, your "real mode" drivers, they will end in .SYS, and MSCDEX.EXE.  

Then Check your floppy:  RESET (or Start _> Shutdown _> Restart Computer) to cause it to boot to the floppy.  

9) If everything boots ok, switch to your cd-rom drive by typing D: and hitting enter. If you can access your cd-rom then you're ready to go.

Now that you have rebooted to dos using your floppy, go to your
c:\windows directory and rename the file win.com to some other name such as win.bak. It doesn't really matter, just rename it.
Now go to your Win95b cd and start the setup program (you may have to find the setup in the Win95 folder). It will default to install itself in another folder. If you want to overwrite your old version of Win95 with the new version then you have to change folders and have it install to C:\windows (or wherever your windows files are) and let it install. Dont forget to do this, it's important.

The big advantage of Win95b over Win95 or Win95a is the addition of the 32-bit FAT. If you have a large HD then your cluster sizes can be as big as 32k which means that
even 1k files will take up 32k on your HD which is a BIG waste of space. Even after you upgrade to Win95b you will still be using the old 16-bit FAT but you can change that. Get yourself a copy of Partition Magic 3.0 and install it. Using it you can convert from your 16-bit FAT with 32k clusters to the new 32-bit fat and *4k* clusters without reformatting or losing any data. When we did this it took us about 15 minutes and gave us an extra 200 megs on our 850meg test HD. You wouldn't believe  much extra room it gave us on our 5 gig hard drive.

Best regards and let me know how you make out. This is the only option left since you already tried the other method, which we have also tried and found that it didn't work.
sbremnerAuthor Commented:
Appreciate lengthy answer, but this is what I tried already.
win95B setup runs so far then tells you it cant upgrade then exits back to dos prompt.
Any ther ideas
Sbremner: The only way this process will fail if you did not follow the above instructions implicitly. As a further note, each detail must be covered entirely before going on. The above notes are our own guideline based upon quirks that we have found during the load-in process. We are concerned about preserving data more than anything else. If you are willing to do a full system backup, there's is one other way. As well, if your are only interested in changing to fat 32, than I would suggested partititon magic from power quest.

Give me your choices and I'll be glad to walk you through the entire process.


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