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Posted on 1997-09-04
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
i hope this is the right group, but it appears to be a windows 95 problem.

i am running virtualpc/windows95 on a power computing powertower 180 (604) 144M ram, macos 7.6. our network is backboned sunos running helios (for hfs compatibility). pc nodes connect via pc/maclan.

on the virtualpc/windows95 machine, whenever files or directories are copied from the c drive to a directory on the server (sun), any lowercase in the name becomes uppercase (e.g. dataset.toc becomes DATASET.TOC). this occurs only with the virtualpc/win95. any pc on the network does not have this problem.

is this a misconfiguration of windows95, or a virtualpc problem? if win95, how can it be properly configured?

also, (unlike the pc's) this version is unable to view "Servers" through the network neighborhood (in addition to the other individually named servers).

fyi, virtualpc uses an off the shelf version of windows 95, and is remarkably identical in behaviour to windows 95 on an "actual pc".

thanks in advance for any help.
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ID: 1750370
A couple of things to check...
Verify that the font used to display the file names has both upper and lower case, not just uppers.
MS-DOS, by default, converts all the characters in file names and directory names to uppercase characters. Because Windows 95 cannot determine whether a file or folder was created with a previous operating system or was intentionally created with all uppercase characters, it was decided for readability purposes to have Windows 95 display all 8.3 file names with only the first letter capitalized.
For example, if you create a file called FILENAME.EXT in MS-DOS, the file name appears in MS-DOS and Windows 3.x as FILENAME.EXT. In Windows 95, the same file appears as Filename.ext in Windows Explorer, on the desktop, and in Windows 95 programs.
Note that when you view files in a Windows 95 MS-DOS session, you see two file names for each file. The first file name is an 8.3 alias and the second file name is the long file name.
Does this apply to what you are seeing?

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ID: 1750371
Deja News accesses every news group. I don't know a thing about
"virtualpc" but found 340 articles on it at
search "virtualpc" no quotes.
You may find an answer there.

I noticed Bogie commented and received no reply from you. if your problem is solved please let me know and we'll get this off the active question list. No body seems to be touching it.
Or grade low to get it removed.

Author Comment

ID: 1750372
yes, i found all of those messages, including the ones that i had posted, and since none of the 352 that i saw through altavista's search engine were applicable, i am rejecting you answer, smeebud.

i apologize sincerely for violating your sensibilities. please understand, that i have just this morning been able to initiate any action on bogey's suggestions, since the office in which i work is largely production.....

but to respond to bogey, yes fonts are okay.

yes, i am aware of win95 displaying the first letter of a name in caps.

perhaps my description of the all-caps problem was not clear. when a file or directory is created on the server in virtualpc/win95, the name is *changed* to all uppercase. not just appears differently in the msdos prompt, or even win95. from a different mac on the network, from a different pc on the network, or from a unix prompt in a telnet session, the name has *changed*. i.e., filename.txt changes to FILENAME.TXT.

i am currently attempting to work this out with connectix, and will provide a detailed explanation of any solution, and appropriately divide these points between smeebud and bogey for their suggestions.

i suspect that virtualpc's shell does not provide appropriate translation capabilities for this particular environment, and may have to purchase and install pc/maclan to match "real"pcs.

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Accepted Solution

smeebud earned 150 total points
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Well, it will be hard to award points at all if the question is not marked as answer. So I'll mark it answerd, and yes please do inform us of your solution.
The is as you know a difference when using virtualpc's shell as opposed to the standard explorer.exe.
Consider this a comment, i've hacked around in the explorer.exe,
then used other utilities to auto hack it such as
Start Menu Changer`97 ver.1.34 197 Kb
You might want to look at this Free program and make a change then compare in hex the diffefences and where they appear.
It's quite a learning experience for me.

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ID: 1750374
ok, smeebud! finally some answers, although they are not as positive as i expected.....

from connectix----connectix makes no claims that virtualpc is network capable, although the tech that i spoke with reported success loading and using pcmaclan. indeed, a demonstration version of pcmaclan loaded with no problem, however, it severely interferred with the networking capabilities of the macintosh, kicking it off the network and rendering it unable to communicate with the server at all! an uninstall corrected this, and we returned to the normal set of problems.

from miramar (pcmaclan)---their tech support disavowed any knowledge of how virtualpc might react under the conditions described, but cautioned that their product is intended as a "generic" networking solution, further disclaiming any responsibility for any strange effects that it may cause under the variety of platforms, network protocols and devices under which pcmaclan might be forced to operate.

i know that this does not represent much in the way of "answering" this particular problem, but here it is, and i shall award you, smeebud with the full 150 points, if for no other reason than to express my gratitude for your interest!!!

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ID: 1750375
Thanks, I try
disavowed, What a common thing that is now a days huh. You never know whats going to happen when you install something.
Anymore I do a full systems backup before i install almost anything. Escpecially if it's written in Visual Basic.

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