Warp 4 new installation failure SYS 0318

I've used OS/2 successfully since version 2.1 and Warp 4 since it came out.  Recently I sufferered a catastrophic hard drive crash and had to reinstall from scratch.  I have been unable to, however, because after the three installation disks have loaded and I've pressed "enter" for
continuation of the installation, I get a black screen which says (approximately):
    SYS 0318 message not found for 3175
When I choose to see details of the message, I get the same error message except the message not found is for 3475.

If I attempt to continue, I get launched into a screen alleging I've selected the Easy setup (I've never been given a choice) and to press "Esc"  if I want to go back to choose Advanced.  When I press "Esc"  I get another SYS 0318, then I get sent to a screen alleging I'm trying to install Dual Boot (I already have Boot Manager installed).

If I try to continue after this, I get a red screen indicating a total failure.  The Install.log reads:
    Copying files C:Autoexec.bat > Autoexec.bak
    The system cannot open the device or file specified
                Open file error
    An error occurred when System Installation tried to open ...

And then it stops dead with no indication of what couldn't be opened.

From other sources I found some things to try, including:
1.    Changing a line in Disk 1's Config.sys from
(There were further changes to the installation procedure, but the short story was I ended up with the same error messages and red screen instead of the Advanced/Easy installation screen.)

2.  Removing my NE 2000 clone Network card
3.  Changing another config.sys line related to my ATAPI (generic) CD-Rom player.  (It was the same CD-Rom player I'd successfully installed Warp with before with not changes necessary,  but I'll try anything.)

I've found no further suggestions on the Internet through IBM's technical database resource, DejaNews or elsewhere.  If anybody can give me a clue I'd be eternally grateful.

Patricia Lange

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OK, I have had this happen to me also. Now I'm not sure of exactly what I did to get it to stop, but if you work with me, I'm sure we can get it up and running.
 First off. Is the hard drive formatted with DOS? Not good if it is. Can the drive be formatted? When I had the problem it was due to corruption on the drive somewhere.
 Second, using "Easy Install" is actually the best way to install the OS, I have found through setting up several 100 computers, that the "Advanced Install" has a major bug in it when it comes to certain things ie. Networking, Dual Boot.
 Let me know what you have there and I'll help as best I can

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patlangeAuthor Commented:
I haven't figured out how to respond to Stonewall directly yet.  (I'm going to try that next.)  In the time since I wrote to your service, I did get the correct answer with the help of somebody from a newsgroup.  I think, based on the information I gave, Stonewall said all he could, which was "work with me"; without certain crucial information he couldn't have done more.

Here's the crucial information:  I recently installed a new 5gb IDE drive.  Apparently there has been a longstanding giant cockroach in the OS/2 installation program which chokes on IDE drives over 4.3gb.  Yesterday somebody sent me copies of two newsgroup discussions which described the bug and suggested finding the file GOODIDE4.zip.  I went looking for the file (unsuccessfully) but happened upon another newsgroup article which said, in essence, "forget about GOODIDE, IBM just posted a fix" and gave the site from where to download it:

The file is dated 8/14/97!  It replaces two files on Installation disk 1 and completely solved the problem I was having.

pat lange
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