Sharing Modem on Win95 LAN

How do I share my modem on Com Port with other PC's on the LAN using Win 95 to access Internet?
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If it is for using Internet, you need a firewall like Wingate.
If it is for direct dialing, you need a special software.
More points would motivate me to find that software fo you, most likely :)

What was wrong with johnt's answer. It was absolutely correct. The WinGate program really is what you need!
I also think that answer was absolutly correct. I only can add that for direct dialing you can use SAPS, it's available for download, as a Wingate too, but both are not freware, of cause.
Wingate gives also functionality of firewall and proxy, and user permission management. It's quit good really...
Best regards, and I hope you will resolve your mistake with regacting johnt answer.
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Since so many people agree with me, I'll try again :)
Wingate is shareware. You can get it at:

It does work. I was using it intensively just 2 months ago.

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If you mean literally sharing a modem , i.e, installing a modem on a PC and allowing others to use it from their terminals (like sharing a printer), then you will need some special hardware and software. If this is what you are looking for then let me know.

However, if all you need is 'internet access' then a simple proxy server should do the job. A VERY GOOD piece of software is 'Winproxy' from 'Ositis'. I found it much easier to configure, install and use. It has some good features like authorised users, blacklisted sites etc. You SHOULD check this one out.This server can be configured for Telnet, FTP, Socks, Real Audo, HTTP and SMPT/POP3

You can use Wingate, you can use Winproxy, you can use any proxy (including MS Proxy from NT Resurce Kit + RAS dial-in, to have freeware unstallation, but it's not so easy to install as commercial products mentioned above)...
vinaysp: I don't have Winproxy. If it's that good, would you be so nice to tell me where to find it, or send it to me via E mail at
Thanks in advance.
Winproxy is on site, but it isn't freeware. You can download evaluation copy, but it will expire (it isn't mentioned in what way). The same about Wingate, the price also is about the same, and properties also.
Evaluation copy of Wingate ( expires from unlimited user access after month to two user license (it means two workstation + wingate server are using Internet simultaniosly).
Best regards,
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