Linux Networking question

  In connection with my previous question "Strange COM   port behavior?" I want to ask the following question.
   If anyone has the modem Boka V.34 33600 ( which is
 recognized as Plug and Play in Win95 and works well in
 Win95 ) and does a connection in Linux?
   If yes, what comport will be set, what UART is   recognised in Win95? I get recognizing UART = NS 16550AN
 in Win95. Is it realy UART 16550 or 16550A for Linux or
 some modification that Linux doesn't recognize?
   What important things is forgotten to do connection
 in Linux? Once more, has anyone an experiance with this
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In answering one of your questions, it should also be an 16550A in Linux, even if it isn't it won't really make any difference in transfering whether you have a 16550A or even as far back as a 16450, so unless you are having actual problems with it, you should not be worried about what Linux reports, because it will exploit it to all it is worth no matter what it tells Linux it is.

When you ask "what important things is forgotten..." tell me what you are doing to connect in the first place so I can let you know what you might possibly be forgetting to do...

Also tell me what COM port the Modem is at, as reported to you by Win95  The relationship is as follows


If you have the modem set up with default settings, win win95 it is most likely it will be at COM2:  Which means under Linux the modem will be at /dev/cua1



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klivlendAuthor Commented:
  So, I didn't get answer which I wait.
      In the letter "Linux INcompatibility list"
   ( 20-08-97 from David Welton,Message-Id:           <> )

      Modem Boca V.34 33600 is included in the INcomatibility
   list because there isn't someone who wrote driver for this
   modem under Linux ( see letter of David Welton ).
   It's nothing to do.
      Is it true that I must change modem or search driver ?
      What your offers, nicademus ?

      Thanks, Rafael.
I'll get back to you, in a little while, I gotta go to the bank..=)
By all means search for a driver, or if you have the means and availability of a better Modem which is fully supported by Linux then by all means do so.  But  really for the most part where your situation is concerned modems are modems.  Sure some are better some are worse, and all have soemthing different as a function, but The serial parameters between the computer and the modem will all pretty much be the same, because all these different modems are designed to be going into IBM compatible PC's, which there are hundreds and thousands of different combinations of systems around.  Just because the operating system does not support it does not mean throw it away though.  Just look at using generic drivers for thing that are not supported.  After all that is what you have to do in Windows for many things, such as a modem, just by choosing "Standard modem xxxxbps"

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