Random Boot Problem

Sometimes, when I boot, (maybe 20% of boots, both cold and warm boots) the machine pretty much locks up with the wallpaper on screen, the hourglass/arrow in the middle, and a green line 2 to 3 pixels high about 20 lines down from top.  CTL-ALT-DEL gets me a task list after a 20 or so second wait, and the task list says msgsrv32 not responding. Nothing else in the list. Device mgr looks clean, I've tried less aggressive memory settings in bios, changed out simms, no help.  Since problem is "random" it sometimes takes a week to find out that the problem has NOT been solved.  Any thoughts?  Thanks
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Could we try a Refreshing WIN95 installation session??
1) Just in case backup your registry.
2) From dos run setup /d /p f
3) This will actually compare your files on the hard drive with the one windows is installing, if any missing or deffective files are encountered, they will be replaced.
4) It will also freshen your registry.
This is the best way for now to see if this helps or not, and we will take it from there.


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sdiamondAuthor Commented:
I can't offer a gradet because I'm not going to try this suggestion just yet.  I'm a tweaker, and as such I've gone through lots of reinstalls.  The machine behaves so very well the 80% of the time a successful boot happens, I'm apprehensive about asking that what I have installed be automatically inspected vis a vis a 1995 CD rom pair.  I wouldn't be surprised if there's a file or two that are corrupt (systray installed with a few bits that weren't right), but I'm hoping for suggestions or insight about what specifically is doing what I'm seeing.

I sure do appreciate the answer, though, but even if reinstall solves the problem--which I think may be driver/hardware related--I wouldn't know what it was that got fixed, and that's not good.
sdiamondAuthor Commented:
Thinking about my prior response to magigraf's answer, I shouldn't have accepted the answer.  With all the Win95 reinstalls I've done, (mostly precipitated by things I shouldn't have done)  this problem has been persisting, so that's why it has the scent of a hardware/driver problem, not a win95 problem.  I have a 4M Matrox Mystique, and the problem's persisted through new drivers, and a bios reflash.  The problem has survived changing from 24 M fpm to 32 M EDO, now to 48M EDO through various AMI bios settings, from the aggressive to the very tame.  Since it doesn't happen every time, or even most of the time, it just seems to be not a software problem, since the software is the same when it boots successfully as when it almost boots then hangs.  What I'd like to hear from an expert is a suggestion as to the particular thing that might be misbehaving.  If somebody could tell me how to make the machine do the bad thing EVERY time, then that would be a very major clue.
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If you read carefully what I'm suggesting.... REFRESH your installation not OVERWRTITE your installation.
But if you want an answer from an expert here it is:


When your computer is idle for a period of time and then stops responding (hangs), the Close Program dialog box may report that Msgsrv32 is not responding.


This behavior can occur when power management is enabled.


To work around this behavior, disable power management using the following steps:

    1.In Control Panel, double-click Power.

    2.In the Power Management box, click Off.

    3.Click OK.

    4.Restart your computer.

  If the behavior continues to occur, follow these additional steps:

    1.In Control Panel, double-click System.

    2.On the Device Manager tab, double-click the System Devices branch to expand it.

    3.Double-click Advanced Power Management Support.

    4.On the Settings tab, click the Enable Power Management Support check box to clear it, and then click OK.

    5.Click OK.

    6.Restart your computer when you are prompted to do so.

I hope this will shed light on the situation.
sdiamondAuthor Commented:
I hate to sound stubborn, but I don't have power mgt enabled, and there's neither power in my control panel nor APM settings available to me in the device mgr.  I guess I'm hoping that somebody can point me to a detailed list of what's going on during the boot process just when the wallpaper is appearing, before the icons appear.  Whatever that is is associated with the problem I have, I think, and msgsrv32 not responding (and being the only thing in the close program dialog box) is just a symptom.  Also, that darned green line, 2.5 scan lines in duration, always showing up near the top of the screen, is a major clue that I don't  get yet.  The item about refreshing the installation is a very good point, and I'll get to it sooner, rather than later, per your suggestion.  It'll take a while to determine whether it works, though.

Thanks....more later, I suppose
By the way the power management tip is from:
Microsoft expert guys.... Do you trust them now???
Take care!
sdiamondAuthor Commented:
Well, I have gotten some good info from the knowledge base.  I had the "wininet" problem, but it was a pure 3.02 problem.  I followed their solution, and the problem went away.  I've ditched my w95 startup sound and gotten rid of wallpaper to see if that makes the current problem go away--or to see what the current problem looks like when it does reappear.  If it doesn't show up for a week of boots, I'll put the wallpaper back, suspecting that it's a conflict between sounds or something stupid like that.
Good approach, you haven't mentioned that wininet problem...
But I see that you handle it well.
sdiamondAuthor Commented:
Had about 2 days, 7 or 8 good boots w/o wallpaper and startup sound.  I had myself convinced that there was a conflict between my windows startup sound and my open program sound.  Then this AM, got the formal msgsrv32 not responding box at startup (no green line).  Claimed that msgsrv had done something bad to kernel32. --No green line.  Told it to close and then hit ctl-alt-del.  Nothing in the close program dialog box, and nothing happened when I hit shutdown.  Obviously related problem some way, but I'm still not seeing the picture yet.
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