onMouseOver and onClick event glitches

I'm using the following script to enable image flipping on six buttons. When VAR SIZE = 1, image #1 works properly, but none of the others work correctly at any value. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


     var browser = navigator.appName.substring(0,8);
     var version = parseInt(navigator.appVersion);
     var javasupport = ((browser == "Netscape") && (version >= 3)) ||
     ((browser == "Microsoft") && (version >= 4));

     if (javasupport) {
     var normal = new makeArray(10);
     var hilite = new makeArray(10);
     var glow = new makeArray(10);
     var size = 1;

     hilite[1].src = "2_2graf.jpg"
     hilite[2].src = "2_3graf.jpg"
     hilite[3].src = "2_4graf.jpg"
     hilite[4].src = "3_2graf.jpg"
     hilite[5].src = "3_3graf.jpg"
     hilite[6].src = "3_4graf.jpg"

     normal[1].src = "2_2a.jpg"
     normal[2].src = "2_3a.jpg"
     normal[3].src = "2_4a.jpg"
     normal[4].src = "3_2a.jpg"
     normal[5].src = "3_3a.jpg"
     normal[6].src = "3_4a.jpg"

     glow[1].src = "2_2glow.jpg"
     glow[2].src = "2_3glow.jpg"
     glow[3].src = "2_4glow.jpg"
     glow[4].src = "3_2glow.jpg"
     glow[5].src = "3_3glow.jpg"
     glow[6].src = "3_4glow.jpg"


     function makeArray(n) {
     this.length = n
     for (var i = 1; i<=n; i++) {
     this[i] = new Image()
     return this

     function onImage(num) {
     if (javasupport) {
     document.images[num + size].src = hilite[num].src;

     function offImage(num) {
     if (javasupport) {
     document.images[num + size].src = normal[num].src;

     function onGlow (num) {
     if (javasupport) {
     document.images[num + size].src = glow[num].src;

     // -->




     HEIGHT=55 BORDER=0></TD>
     <TD WIDTH=45 HEIGHT=277 ROWSPAN=2><IMG SRC="2-3_1.jpg"
     BORDER=0 HEIGHT=277 WIDTH=45></TD>

     <TD WIDTH=146 HEIGHT=131>
     <A HREF="about.htm" onMouseOver="onImage(1)"
     onMouseOut="offImage(1)" onClick="onGlow(1)">
     <IMG SRC="2_2a.jpg" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=131

     <TD WIDTH=152 HEIGHT=131>
     <A HREF="services.htm" onMouseOver="onImage(2)"
     onMouseOut="offImage(2)" onClick="onGlow(2)">
     <IMG SRC="2_3a.jpg" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=131 WIDTH=152></TD>

     <TD WIDTH=145 HEIGHT=131>
     <A HREF="equip.htm" onMouseOver="onImage(3)"
     onMouseOut="offImage(3)" onClick="onGlow(3)">
     <IMG SRC="2_4a.jpg" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=131 WIDTH=145></TD>

     <TD WIDTH=152 HEIGHT=277 ROWSPAN=2><IMG SRC="2-3_5.jpg"
     BORDER=0 HEIGHT=277 WIDTH=152></TD>
     <TD WIDTH=146 HEIGHT=146>
     <A HREF="empops.htm" onMouseOver="onImage(4)"
     onMouseOut="offImage(4)" onClick="onGlow(4)">
     <IMG SRC="3_2a.jpg" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=146

     <TD WIDTH=152 HEIGHT=146>
     <A HREF="ref.htm" onMouseOver="onImage(5)"
     onMouseOut="offImage(5)" onClick="onGlow(5)">
     <IMG SRC="3_3a.jpg" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=146 WIDTH=152></TD>

     <TD WIDTH=145 HEIGHT=146><A HREF="app.htm"
     onMouseOver="onImage(6)" onMouseOut="offImage(6)"
     <IMG SRC="3_4a.jpg" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=146 WIDTH=145></TD>
     <TD WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=148 COLSPAN=5><IMG SRC="r4.jpg"
     WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=148 BORDER=0></TD>
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Problem in table. Netscape not always work correctly with
images placed in tables.
1. Try to remove table
and check would your script work or not.
(hope it will)
2. check your table and corresponding image sizes.
probably your images do not fit in predefined table
3. If you have this document on-line
drop me URL and I'll try to solve this puzzle.
(you are not first one who have such problems)
Give me some time and URL and I'll give you your html
back with corrected problems.

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rc090797Author Commented:
This answer is a great idea, but not the problem solver. The table is necessary for the images to combine seamlessly to create one image.

I can't give you the URL, but I can tell you that the color coding that my html editor uses for different types of tags, changes at the last two functions statements of this script. This would indicate that the problem is not in the html itself, but in the script and how I've set the variables or defined the images. I need to know what error I've made in this area and was hoping the answer would be easily identified by someone more aquainted with JavaScript than I. I'm only able to hack a script.



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