Real-time video capture using Delphi 2

I want to be able to generate an AVI file of moving real-time video from a video camera which is attatched to my computer.  The AVI file will be about 5 minutes in length.  I also want to be able to pass the size of the AVI frame i.e. 160 * 120 or 320*240, etc as a parameter when I initialise the video capture routine.

I roughly know how to do it using C, but I am finding Delphi a problem and I don't want to have to use C DLL's in my code, the boss wouldn't be happy.

VERY URGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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StuartBAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
StuartBAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
Please submit more info.
You need create avi from Bitmaps or other things.
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StuartBAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
StuartBAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
StuartBAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 170
Mail to me source in C then i translate this to Delphi.
Which version of Delphi ?
Now i don't know what you need. Do you need create avi from bitmaps in memory ? I don't know what is you'r video capture routine. I try do this fast but i connect to Ex-Ex only at 9:00am and 17:00 GMT.
Here is the translated source, but You must change variables for constans. The constans is defined in you'r header files.
I havn't Video Capture Hardware so i can't test this, and i can't say you whay you can't use other resolutions.

unit Capt;



  TCaptureParams = record
    dwRequestMicroSecPerFrame : DWORD;
    fMakeUserHitOKToCapture   : BOOLEAN;
    wPercentDropForError      : word;
    fYield                    : boolean;
    dwIndexSize               : DWORD;
    wChunkGranularity         : word;
    fUsingDOSMemory           : Boolean;
    wNumVideoRequested        : word;
    fCaptureAudio             : Boolean;
    wNumAudioRequested        : word;
    vKeyAbort                 : word;
    fAbortLeftMouse           : Boolean;
    fAbortRightMouse          : Boolean;
    fLimitEnabled             : Boolean;
    wTimeLimit                : word;
    fMCIControl               : Boolean;
    fStepMCIDevice            : Boolean;
    dwMCIStartTime            : Dword;
    dwMCIStopTime             : Dword;
    fStepCaptureAt2x          : Boolean;
    wStepCaptureAverageFrames : word;
    dwAudioBufferSize         : DWord;
    fDisableWriteCache        : Boolean;
    AVStreamMaster            : word;
  PCaptureParams = ^TCaptureParams;

procedure SetVideoSize( hCaptureWindow : THandle; Width, Height : Integer );
// Sets the size of the image to capture into the AVI file.

// i don't know what you need with this
// this proc is not used so i omit this
extern int _export WINAPI ImageProc( int FAR noLanes, int direction, int UK, int areaLen,
                                     int FAR *LenArray, int topCorr, int bottomCorr, int FAR *outCount);

function CaptureAVI( hWndMain : THandle; Width, Height, FrameRate, AudioFlag, AudioBufSize,
                     CaptureTime, DoubRes : Integer; CaptureFile : LPSTR ) : THandle;
// Sets up and initiates the video capture sequence.

procedure AbortCaptureAVI( hCaptureWindow : THandle );
// Aborts the video capture sequence.

procedure StopCaptureAVI( hCaptureWindow : THandle );
// Stops the video capture sequence and saves the AVI file to the hard drive.

{ This functions need be imported but i don't know from which file
  I found so in they exist in schel32.dll but you must try this
  - You can find this in SDK !!}
function capSetVideoFormat( hCaptureWindow : THandle; bih : Pointer; sizeofbih: Integer ) : boolean;
function capCreateCaptureWindow( lpszWindowName : LPCSTR; dwStyle : DWORD; x, y, nWidth, nHeight : Integer;
                                 hWnd : THandle; nID : Integer ) : THandle;
procedure capCaptureGetSetup( hWnd : THandle; psCapParm : PCaptureParams; sizeofCAPPARMS : integer );
procedure capCaptureSetSetup(hwnd : THandle; psCapParms : PCaptureParams; wSize : integer);
procedure capFileSetCaptureFile(hwnd : THandle; szName : LPCSTR );

{ i don't know the value of this constans
  You must set correct values from vfw.h }
  WM_CAP_SEQUENCE       = 0;
  WM_CAP_ABORT          = 0;
  WM_CAP_STOP           = 0;


function  capSetVideoFormat; external 'Shell32.dll' name 'capSetVideoFormat';
function  capCreateCaptureWindow; external 'Shell32.dll' name 'capCreateCaptureWindow';
procedure capCaptureGetSetup; external 'Shell32.dll' name 'capCaptureGetSetup';
procedure capCaptureSetSetup; external 'Shell32.dll' name 'capCaptureSetSetup';
procedure capFileSetCaptureFile;  external 'Shell32.dll' name 'capFileSetCaptureFile';

procedure SetVideoSize( hCaptureWindow : THandle; Width, Height : Integer );
// This function was copied off the Microsoft MSDN library discs, but doesn't seem to work.
// If you have any insight into this it would be great.
// Rescale the frame size.
// Variable used to hold bitmap formatting info. for sizing the captured AVI frame.
  bih.biSize          := sizeof(TBITMAPINFOHEADER);
  bih.biCompression   := BI_RGB;
  bih.biWidth         := Width;
  bih.biHeight        := Height;
  bih.biPlanes        := 1;
  bih.biBitCount      := 8;
  bih.biSizeImage     := bih.biWidth * bih.biHeight * bih.biPlanes * bih.biBitCount div 8;
  bih.biXPelsPerMeter := 0;
  bih.biYPelsPerMeter := 0;
  bih.biClrUsed       := 0;
  bih.biClrImportant  := 0;
  if not capSetVideoFormat( hCaptureWindow, @bih, sizeof(bih) ) then
    if MessageBox( hCaptureWindow,
       'Video Formatting information has been rejected by your video driver hardware',
       'Incompatibility Warning',
      AbortCaptureAVI(hCaptureWindow);   // Aborts the capture process.

function CaptureAVI( hWndMain : THandle; Width, Height, FrameRate, AudioFlag, AudioBufSize,
                     CaptureTime, DoubRes : Integer; CaptureFile : LPSTR ) : THandle;
  CapParms : TCaptureParams;
  hCaptureWindow : THandle;
// Create a capture window.
  hCaptureWindow := capCreateCaptureWindow( 'Capture Window', WS_CHILD, 0, 0, Width, Height, hWndMain, 0);
// Attempt to rescale the frame size.  This function always seems to fail.
// If you have any insight into this I would be grateful.
  SetVideoSize(hCaptureWindow, Width, Height);

// Analyse system and initiate video drivers.
  SendMessage(hCaptureWindow, WM_CAP_DRIVER_CONNECT, 0, 0 );

// Gets the current state of the video capture control structure.
  capCaptureGetSetup(hCaptureWindow, @CapParms, sizeof(TCaptureParams));

// Overrides to the video capture control structure.
  CapParms.dwRequestMicroSecPerFrame := round( FrameRate * 4444.466666 );
  CapParms.fMakeUserHitOKToCapture := FALSE;
  CapParms.fYield := TRUE;
  CapParms.fCaptureAudio := boolean(AudioFlag);
  CapParms.vKeyAbort := NULL;
  CapParms.fAbortLeftMouse := FALSE;
  CapParms.fAbortRightMouse := FALSE;
  if(CaptureTime > 0) then
      CapParms.fLimitEnabled := TRUE;
      CapParms.wTimeLimit := CaptureTime;
    CapParms.fLimitEnabled := FALSE;

  CapParms.fStepCaptureAt2x := boolean(DoubRes);
  CapParms.dwAudioBufferSize := AudioBufSize;
//      CapParms.AVIStreamMaster = AVISTREAMMASTER_NONE;

// Set the overrides to the structure.
  capCaptureSetSetup(hCaptureWindow, @CapParms, sizeof(TCAPTUREPARAMS));

// Tells the capture function where to place the capture file.
  capFileSetCaptureFile(hCaptureWindow, CaptureFile);

// Capture video sequence.
  SendMessage(hCaptureWindow, WM_CAP_SEQUENCE, 0, 0 );

// returns handle to capture window to enable the calling application to stop the capture sequence.
  result := hCaptureWindow;


procedure AbortCaptureAVI( hCaptureWindow : THandle );
  SendMessage( hCaptureWindow, WM_CAP_ABORT, 0, 0 );
  DestroyWindow( hCaptureWindow );

procedure StopCaptureAVI( hCaptureWindow : THandle );
  SendMessage(hCaptureWindow, WM_CAP_STOP, 0, 0 );


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Very fast service.
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