Problems with "Mail" program

-->I'm using the following snippet of script to send mail from a form:

sub sendthemail {  # Send Article Posted To Administrator
  if ($sendmail == 1) {
    open (MAIL, "|$mailprog $host") || die "Can't open $mailprog!";
    print MAIL "From: $email\n";
    print MAIL "Subject: $title Message sent \n";
    print MAIL "Reply-To: $email\n\n";
    print MAIL " The following e-mail has been sent to all subscribers.\n";
    print MAIL "Dated  : $long_date\n";
    print MAIL "Subject: $subject\n";
    print MAIL "======================================================\n";
    print MAIL "$email_body\n";
    print MAIL "======================================================\n";
    close (MAIL);

-->BUT when the message is received the From, Subject and Reply-to headers that I wanted have been included in the message as ordinary text:

  Date: Mon, 8 Sep 1997 22:24:39 +0100
  From: Nobody <>

Subject: MUUCU Mailing Archive Message sent

 The following e-mail has been sent to all subscribers.
Dated  : September 08, 1997 at 22:24:38
Subject: TEST RUN1002

-->So What can I do to fix this?
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MrGAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question
That depends on your $mailprog
If it's /usr/lib/sendmail on a standard unix system, I'd have expected the above to work.
If it's some other program, you may need to check its documentation.
I had the same problem - with sendmail on Unix, BTW.

Solution? Just add the following line after the open() stuff:

print MAIL "Mime-Version: 1.0\n"

Hope this works for you, as well.

Rgds, julio
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julio, what version of sendmail was this that required "Mime-Version: 1.0\n" ?
MrGAuthor Commented:
As I said at the top of the question, it was not SENDMAIL that I am using it was mail, but I've got SENDMAIL installed so It's working okay with OZO's suggestion!
Sorry, so many things called mail or Mail that it wasn't clear whether
that was a name or a description of $mailprog
So, if that comment got it working for you, will you take
using /usr/lib/sendmail as the answer?
(I don't want to submit it as an answer just yet, to give julio
a chance to answer my question without having to pay points just to come
back to this discussion:-)

Hi ozo,

i cannot guess which version of sendmail i'm running;
just can tell that it's on a Digital AlphaServer running OSF1 V4.0 386.

Cheers, julio


hey, Mr G., "using the following snippet of script to send mail from a form" is what i could not see at the top of your question?
I'm not familiar with that system (but I thought they supported V8 sendmail)
Can you tell anything from Received: headers, or sendmail -d?

(Ok, Thanks for the use of your question thread MrG,
I'll let you take it back now:-)
 Mr Ozo ;)

in fact, i've made a mistake; it was not for headers that i had to add that line, it was for attachments to work.

I.e., i had setup a CGI to send back a gif to a client, via mail, but the attachment was garbage when read with Eudora or on a Mac.
I didn't investigate too much on which exact versions of Eudora or MacOS caused the problem.
Since that modification, anyway, everybody has been receiving good attachments.

Ah, that makes much more sense now, thanks for the clarification.
I guess we still need an Answer:

The given snippet should work for $mailprog='/usr/lib/sendmail' on a standard unix system.
Another $mailprog on another system may want something different.

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ozo -

In your script I see that you are not designating a "To;" ahead of your "From:", "Reply-To:", etc.

Try putting:

print MAIL "To: $CONFIG{'recipient'}\n";

Ahead of your line:

print MAIL "From: $email\n";

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