Pine Configuration With Linux

Hi, I'm using Redhat 4.2 and would like to use Pine to send and receive email. I had no problem getting it to read the newsgroups but am having some trouble with email. Given the following parameters how would I configure pine:


Actually a better question might be how do I configure my inbox?

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You can change your mailserver and domain from (S)etup (C)onfig from the main menu of Pine.


Other options can also be changed from that area. I don't recall it being possible to change the user name from within a configuration file or elsewhere, so your best bet is to make an "mgb" user in your Linux box, and login as that user when you want to send mail.

Hope this helps!

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zeosAuthor Commented:
Dirge, thanks for the reply. I configured the user domain and smtp server as you said and then added a user called mgb but I am still unable to get my email. I must be missing a config option somewhere. Any other ideas?

Sorry, I thought you only wanted to _send_ from Pine and have your email appear as I'll see if there's an easier way to get POP mail from another server; otherwise, I can give you a script I wrote some time ago that will allow you to get mail from any POP server. If you want the script, you need

1. Perl 5.x,
3. to know here your email box is stored (usually under /var/spool/mail).
4. leave a comment for me here saying you want the script : )

If you have a fixed IP address and a shell acct at your mailserver, you can also create a .forward file in your homedir that contains mgb@your.ip.add.ress or ask your sysad.


Bingo! I forgot the /usr/bin/popclient command:

popclient -3 -u username -p password -s

Change username and password to your own POP3 username and password. This automatically retrieves your mail and appends it to your mailbox. If you want to remove the mail you downloaded from the server, add a -K (capital K) after the -s


zeosAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help on this. All is working well! Initially I set my inbox to {} and this allowed me to read my email- but the email stayed on the server so offline reading was not possible. Your suggestion was right on.

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