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network file does not have modify

bjherbison asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-23
Below is a question I asked yesterday and marked as
a hard.  Someone else with the problem found a solution
(at least temporarily):  Delete the .pwl file for my account.
I needed to reenter all my passwords, but the problem
went away.

I'm re-entering the problem with this introdiction because
I would like some insite into what is going on.  What
caused the problem?  Will it happen again? What tools
can affect this behavor?

When I try to save a file download from a browser
(Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02 or Netscape 2.02)
I get a message of:

    This network file does not have modify privileges.
    Ask the network administrator to change this setting.

After I started having this problem I installed Notepad+
( http://lelystad.flnet.nl/~0meurs01/ ), and now it gets the
same error whenever I try to use it to create a new file.

As the network administrator, how do I find out what to

Here's the full background:
Running Windows 95 (installed January 1996), I had
previously installed a DUN upgrade. I had disk problems
a couple of weeks ago and re-installed Windows 95.
I then installed DUN 1.2. Now I get the message above
when I click `save' to the `Save As' box from a `File Download' box. A
zero-length file is created. If the file
already exists (e.g., second try) and I choose `replace
existing file' I get a popup that says
`Cannot create or replace .....: Cannot find the specified
file. Make sure you specify the correct path and filename.'.

Notepad+ works slighty differently from the browsers: After
the first failure, trying to save (overwrite) the same file name

I've looked through all the dial-up networking
documentation and option screens, and every other option
screen I can think of. I looked through the policy editor
and nothing seemed appropriate. I looked a few places in
the registry and didn't see anything strange.

I searched on the web and usenet and all I found was
other people who have the same problem and don't know
what to do. A response to someone elses usenet question
suggested not using a LAN connection, but I can't find
any sign of a LAN connection on my machine. One
person I contacted said that the problem went away after
some number of software installs, but he wasn't sure
what did it. (This is a hard problem to search for as the
words in the error message are all common words.)

What trick have I missed?
Thank you,

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if you have a lan and are saveing to a remote drive it might be set to read only.  but it sounds like this is not your problem.

do you have a lan??


I have no LAN, just one Windows 95 system
connected to my provider via PPP.  There are
two hard disks, each with one partition, and the
save fails on both partitions.
BJ: Let me give you the "why" first and then how to fix it. Now don't get excited when you see the beginning of the fix, there's a reason behind everything!
Windows management
Anytime you incorporate networking in Windows 95, you develop a network, regardless of whether an actual lan exists or not. Yes, there are supposed tech who will venture into deep water and say this is not true because I only have DUN and Microsoft Networking installed, but the truth is Windows loads its base protocols and dll files regardless of how much or how little networking you install. The only exception to this is with Sun, Novell and Unix.

The system and administrator accounts both have the same file privileges, but they have different functions under Windows
95. The system account is used by the operating system and by
services that run under Windows. There are many services and processes within 95 that need the capability to logon internally, for example during a Windows 95 installation. The system account was designed for that purpose; it is an internal account, does not show up in anywhere. This is one of the reasons Microsoft has stated that Windows 95 does not support actual network software installs (although it can be forced to work). It (the internal account) cannot be added to any groups, and cannot have user rights assigned to it. On the other hand, when networking is installed, the system account does show up in the Windows File Manager in the Permissions portion of the menu that you access through poledit. By default, the system account is granted full control to all files, which is why the problem goes away when you blow out your password list and the base windows policies take control. Here the system account has the same functional privileges as the administrator account.

While most MS engineers won't admit it, but I've found a few that have, DUN does not work perfectly, it was a hack fix by MS to make internet connections function better and use less system resources. In reality, unless you have a 486 DX 25 or even a 100, you will not see a measurable difference using DUN 1.2. Everything DUN changes you can change manually in your system without the clutter of DUN 1.2 and use just the built-in DUN and some basic upgrades like MaxMTU to reset these values.

My recommendation, remove all of your current networking programs, IE 3.02, DUN etc. Remove the files and folders as well. Delete your password file as you really do not need it.

When this is complete, reload windows as follows: (assuming that your cd-rom drive is "D")

             D:\SETUP /df

This will reload windows, and at the same time correct your win.ini, system.ini and rewrite the registry. When reloading windows, use the "custom" load and choose all the features you want to install. Make sure you load the latest "approved" drivers available for perpheral boards like modem and video. At this point, when you come to the communication area while in "custom" DO NOT load anything but the defaults.

MS would have us believe that we can add and remove programs in any old order and everything will be fine. I guess there's a few at MS that still believe in the tooth fairy, as there is a load order for programs.

If you use MSN or any of the MS Office programs, follow this order. If there's one or more that you don't use, ignore it and jump to the next item.

1. After you have custom loaded windows 95. Setup the original version of inbox messaging, msn and IE 3.0. It will ask you to insert the CD Rom again and go ahead and do so. Rebooting the system as necessary.

2. Make sure that you have loaded and video, sound and other drivers and software at this time and that everything works as it should.

3. If you use MSN, load that at this time. Be patient as this is one PIA programs to load. Make sure that it loads everything. If it hangs during the load, reload MSN again. Once that has been loaded, log on and make sure everything that needs to be downloaded and added for MSN is done. Refresh as necessary!

4. NOW, if you use any of the MS office products, especially Outlook, load them now and then add any updates. If you use Outlook, download and install the service pack.

5. Check the functionality of all your programs and make sure everything works. If everything has been done correctly, your files will be fully accessible, you won't have any windows logon to worry about and your password list will be limited to those Internet sites that require your logon.

6. When your ready, I'll give you the mods for changes in your TCP/IP settings to improve speed and reliability.

Post your results.

Best regards,


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Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm not going to that
much effort now.  I will come back to it if the problem
comes back and doesn't go away when the password
file is deleted.


It turns out the answer was off-base.

First, the real problem was add-on software.  I'm running
Nuts & Bolts and one program it installs causes the problem.
This is fixed in release 1.03.  (The program is Trash Guard.
It watches file deletes from programs and moves the files
into the recycle bin rather than deleting them.)  Dennis
can't be blambed for not guessing this -- I didn't list all of
the software I have (which is a large amount).

Second, I disagree with Dennis on the utility of DUN 1.2.
I don't know it it affects performance, but it affects
connecting.  Before DUN 1.2 I couldn't start any program
while dialing or connecting or I was almost certain to have
a connection failure.  After installing 1.2 I can start anything
I want and have no problem connecting.  (This was not
due to a simultaneous change at my provider.  My provider
has had both good and bad periods before and after DUN
1.2 and the symptoms were different, and I've compared
notes with other people using the same provider.)

Thanks for the info. I knew there was more than one reason I don't care for prgrams like medic, nuts n bolts and a few others. On the DUN issue, I don't disagree with you, it's just that M$ doesn't really provide the type of info necessary to really tweak your DUN connection. Even attending their classes and being certified doesn't give you all that you need or the references to get the info either. I have DUN 1.2b as well as parts of the ISDN accelerator pack (no I don't have ISDN on this machine) and I have MaxMTU as well. Mine works perfectly, however it would take several pages to tell you how it was setup and the ton of different files I've changed. For testing I can switch between a 33.6 and 56k modems in the same machine. I can do 33.2 and 55.2 respectively one moment and 31.6 and 51.2 the next all on the same ISP. Go figure!
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