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I created a new HP-UX kernel (v9.04) using the values suggested in the
Informix release notes (OnLine 7.12.UC1). Our machine is an E55
HP-server with 128 MB RAM. The system refuses to boot from this kernel.
Any help will be appreciated.
***** USED PARAMETER VALUES (as suggested in file

Message Related Paramters
 message map(msgmap) = 2048
 max message size(msgmax) = 32768
 maximum number of bytes on the msg Q(msgmnb) = 65535
 number of msg Q identifiers(msgmni) = 50
 number of msg segments(msgseg) = 32767
 message segment size(msgssz) = 32
 number of msg headers(msgtql) = 2046

Semaphore Related Parameters
 maximum value for semaphores(semaem)= 16384
 Semaphore  map(semmap)= 522
 number of semaphore identifiers(semmni) = 4096
 total number of semaphores in the system(semmns) = 4096
 number of semaphore undo structures(semmnu) = 4096
 semaphore undo enteries per process(semume) = 4096
 semaphore maximum value(semvmx) = 32767

Shared Memory Related Parameters
 maximum shared memory segment size in bytes(shmmax) = 805306367
 minimum shared memory segment size in bytes(shmmin) = 1
 maximum shared memory segments in system (shmmni) = 256
 maximum shared memory segments per process(shmseg) = 100

Accounting Code Parameters
 threshold of freespace to re-enable process accounting(acctresume) = 4
 threshold of freespace to suspend accounting(acctsuspend) = 2
 scheduling timeslice interval(timeslice) = 10

File System Parameters
 number of buffer pages in buffer cache(bufpages) = 0
 number of filesystem buffer cache buffer headers(nbuf) = 0
 number of open files in the system(nfile) = 8192
 number of file locks in the system(nflocks) = 200
 maximum number of in-core inodes (ninode) = 8192

Process Related Parameters
 maximum size of data segment(maxdsiz) = 117440512
 maximum size of stack segment(maxssiz) = 8388608
 maximum size of text segment(maxtsiz) = 67108864
 maximum number of user process(maxuprc) = 2048
 maximum number of processes(nproc) = 4224

Miscellaneous Parameters
 number of timeouts that can be scheduled (ncallout) = 4288
 number of pseudo-teletypes(npty) = 60
 minutes west of the Greenwich meridian(timezone) = 480
 unlockable memory(unlockable_mem) = 0

Networking Parameters
 number of bytes of physical memory for networking(netmemmax) = 0

Cluster Related Parameters
 system identification(dskless_node) = 0
 maximum swap space allocated(maxswapchunks) = 256
 minimum swap space allocated(minswapchunks) = 1
 Server node flag(server_node) = 1

Swap Related Parameters
 Maximum data size for swap(dmmax) = 2048
 Minimum data size for swap(dmmin) = 32
 Shared memory block size for swap(dmshm) = 2048
 Text block size for swap(dmtext) = 2048
 Maximum number of filesystems that can use dynamic swap(nswapfs) = 10

***** ERRORS  on console when booting from this kernel:
Space registers 0-7
00-03 00000000 = = = =
04-07    =     = = = =

IIA space = 0x00000000
IIA offset = 0x00150e38
CHeck type = 0x20000000
CPU State = 0x9e000004
cache check = 0
TLB check = 0
Bus check= 0x00310000
assist check = 0
assist state = 0
system responder address = 0x08321db8
system requestor address = 0xfffbe000
path info = 0
MIOC status register = 0x00000082
GeckoBoa status register = 00430043
Configured memory = 0x08000000
CPU diagnose register 0 = 0x30100afe

HPMC error log information
 Timestamp Mon Sep 8 10:34:27 GMT 1997
 HPMC type = 503f
I/O Module Error Log Info
 No I/O Module errors logged
  Responder = 0x08321db8
  Requester = 0xfffbe000

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Your best bet here is to contact Informix and tell them that when you try to config your kernel to support their software, your system no longer boots!  They should be able to get you an answer quicker than the random chance that somebody here might have run across the same situation and solved it already.


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Sound thinking. Only Informix support isn't what it used to be...
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