Delphi Programming question

I want to play the same wav file over and over again,
without accessing the hard disk over and over again.
The length of this file is 1/400 minute, and I want
to play it 400 times a minute without reloading it
from HD. Time is critical here.

Someone said I should use streams: far to complex
to find out on my own.

Can someone give a working example.

1) must run under delphi 2.0
2) the start of the repeating playing must be controlled
(be started) by pressing a Tbutton
3) same for the end
4) the speed (that is when the next repeation is starting
must be variable
5) It must not be a component, but code which can be
inserted in the mainform

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the media player can loop if you make the notify event start the player again but this seems to cause a delay.
You really need to somehow build a data structure that contains the wave I will play with it when I can - interesting idea though


this example can help you

var m : TMemoryStream;
  m := TMemoryStream.Create;
  m.LoadFromFile( 'D:\TEST.WAV' );
  sndPlaySound( m.Memory, SND_MEMORY );
luiaardAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mirek, but I reject your answer because I get:

Undeclared identifier sndPlaySound
Undeclared identifier SND_MEMORY
Could not compile TEST.PAS

What am I doing wrong?
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luiaardAuthor Commented:
Mirek, it works.
Send in your last comment again please, but make
 it an answer.  Then I will grade it as excellent.

With regards,
happy programming to you.

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