server based setup and osr2

Has anyone had any experience with getting win95 osr2 to run either diskless or shared on a network?  I have used the utility to get osr1 running in that fashion, but have not seen anything about that in osr2.  anyone seen this?
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KMurphy: It would help if you provided some details as to the network setup, but here are the normal parameters and the networks that it will work on.

To create a flat copy of Windows 95 on a server, use the Netsetup.exe tool that is located on the Windows 95 CD-ROM. You can run Netsetup.exe only from a computer running Windows 95. You can create a copy of Windows 95 on the following server types:

Microsoft Windows NT
Microsoft LAN Manager 2.x
Microsoft Windows 95
LANtastic 5.x
Banyan VINES 5.52
DEC Pathworks 5.x
IBM OS/2 LAN Server 1.2 or later
Novell NetWare 3.x and 4.x
SunSelect PC-NFS 5.0

To create a full copy of Windows 95 on a server, follow these steps:

1.Double click the Netsetup.exe file in the Admin\Nettools\Netsetup folder on the Windows 95 CD-ROM.

2.Click the Set Path button.

3.Type the network path for the copy of Windows 95.

4.Click the Install button.

5.Click the Installation Type option you want to use:

      Option             Meaning
      Server                          This choice allows for a shared
                                              installation. Only .ini, .dat, and user
                                              files are stored in the local user's
                                             Windows folder.

      Local Hard Drive      All Windows files are stored on the local
                                              hard disk.

      User's Choice             User will be prompted for installation type.

6.In the Path To Install From box, type the path for the Windows 95 CD-ROM.

7.Click the Default option you want to use:

      Option                 Meaning
      Create Default                 You can create a custom Msbatch.inf file
                                                    to automate the installation process.
      Don't Create Default      An Msbatch.inf file is created using only
                                                    the Installation Type option.

After you make all your selections, Netsetup.exe copies all the Windows 95 files to the server. The following folders are created on the server:

   Program Files

Best regards,
On the OSR2 CD there is NO Netsetup...oversight on Microsoft's part? I think not...if there was a Netsetup, the above answer would be there may be other copies out there that mere mortals like me haven't seen, but among peers, we have not found one. I suppose you could do a straight copy from the CD with everything under the Win95 folder directly to the network, but your network setup would dictate how it would run/install to or on workstations...and you can award me the points after you reject the other answer...(Isearched on this for 4 months and finally decided MS does not want its OSR2 on a network!)

Our certification as system builders utilizing Microsoft products speaks for itself. Additionally, as a Solutions Partner, we build and service server based utilizations of Windows 95 on a daily basis. These run anywhere from two or three work stations to two or three hundred of them, with the capacity limited only by the server setup that exists.

In response to Gregritz's comments, some tinker with computers, others guess and some of us do this for a living, we do this for a living. Indeed, there are different versions and copies of OSR2, some are bogus, some are limited versions that ship with systems built by companies such as Dell and Gateway, and others are for true OEM use. In an effort to educate Gregritz, there are single CD-Rom disk versions of OSR2 as well as dual disk versions, with some having specialized inf kits and others with "plus" included. If his version doesn't have the "netsetup tools" it could mean that he has OSR2 ver. 2.0 and not 2.0b or 2.1b, or that his came from a system builder and not directly from Microsoft or a recognized DSP.

As for Gregritz's research, it seems to be seriously lacking, in that had he done is research adequately he would have learned that all the information that he needs can be found both in the "Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit" and/or within the "Microsoft Knowledge Base". As an example, the following is a short quote from the *Resource Kit*.

""Server-based Setup (NETSETUP.EXE) is used to prepare the server to run Windows 95 Setup (SETUP.EXE) on network client computers. Windows 95 provides improved support over Windows 3.x for installing and running a shared copy of Windows 95 (that is, “shared installations”). After installing Windows 95 source files on a server, Server-based Setup can be used to create and manage machine directories, which contain the specific configuration information for each computer on a shared installation. You can also use Server-based Setup to create setup scripts (which are batch files for automated setup), as described in Chapter 5, “Custom, Automated, and Push Installations.” Windows 95 supports the following kinds of shared installations:
·      Computers that start from the local hard disk and then run a shared copy of Windows 95 from the server.
·      Computers that start locally from a floppy disk and then run a shared copy of Windows 95 from the server.
·      Diskless workstations that remote boot (sometimes called RIPL or remote IPL) from servers and run a shared copy of Windows 95.
      At the time of the release of Windows 95, the remote-boot option can be used only for diskless workstations on Novell® NetWare® version 3.x and 4.0 networks. Support for remote boot of Windows 95 workstations will be available in upcoming releases of Windows NT. For information about Windows NT support, contact your sales support representative.
Server-based Setup replaces the Administrative Setup process used for Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups. The following table compares the actions required on older versions of Windows to the Windows 95 methods.""

Further, it is obvious that Gregritz is more interested in the points he develops at this site rather than developing solutions and answers. First, if you have a version of OSR 2 that does not include netsetup, you can obtain the same tools from the Microsoft SDK, or you can get them from the retail CD-Rom version. As everyone knows, Microsoft is promoting widely server based systems technology and has recently release free copies of the Back Office Small Business Server. In addition, Microsoft has released other server based tidbits (other than NT) so that business professionals can modify their home and office environments to include mini-server style setups. Furthermore, everyone knows that Microsoft is concerned about licensing issues and those that are considering multiple use installations of any Microsoft product should insure that they are not in violation of Microsoft's licensing standard.

In closing this issue, KMurphy, you were headed in the right direction when you opened with, " I have used the utility to get osr1 running in that fashion, but have not seen anything about that in osr2". You can use the same installation module you used for the retail version for installing a diskless version of OSR 2, eg: if you have the retail CD disk as well as any basic version of OSR2 (other than one that comes from a system builder such as Gateway or Dell) than you have what you need without having to obtain a copy of OSR 2 like we use or download the SDK for building diskless workstations.

If you require more assistance on this issue, please let us know!

Best regards,
Dennis Waldron
DEW Associates Corp
System Technologies
kmurphy021397Author Commented:
Dennis, your last comment is right on the mark, where can I get a retail version of OSR2?  I have looked around, and all I can find is OSR1.  If I have the netsetup utility, can it be used with an OEM CD?
KM: OSR@ is not available through retail sources, however I do believe that it can be had with a hardware purchase through several sources. Please accept this as your answer and then email me at:

Best regards!

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