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When i copy my program to a friend's computer, it does not work because it uses a db file. Is there a way to make a program stand alone, so it does not need the Borland BDE anymore ?
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If your program deals only with simple data (not a database), you can use text files (type AssignFile in the unit and press F1) to handle them. Otherwise you will need BDE or other database manager.
If you try th Install shield or Wise installation programs, the things will come easier if you really need to use BDE.

IHTH (I hope this helps).

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TeRReFAuthor Commented:
Thanx for your answer itamar,

All right, i've managed to distract multiple lines from a .txt file and placed them in some memo's. But i need more info..

Let's presume this is the .txt file :


21 Victorylane
New York

3 Elmstreet

Van Lange
345 5th Avenue
New York


It's no sweat reading the first 4 lines using 4 Readln's

But how can i, using 2 buttons, cycle trough the next, or the previous 4 lines ?

I'm a newbie so some example code would be fantastic...

Thanx in advance !

I think we have another question here !
Anyway, don't expect too much dealing with text files. All you can do is reading it in sequencial form. Remember that there is no indexes at all.
TeRReFAuthor Commented:
Well, i'll work my way around it....

Thanks anyway !


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