PCNFS client for Linux.

I'm looking for a PCNFS client for linux, so that I can mount another filesystem via pcnfs to my linux box. I just want to know if there exists such a package and where it's located.
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Which filesystems do you want to mount?

- If you want to mount any other UNIX's file system and the other UNIX has NFS server services then you don't need anything, you just need to follow a normal NFS mount operation:
mount <options> remote_server:/remote_filesystem /local_filesystem

PCNFS was designed to mount NFS exported filesystems in Windows machines so in reality you don't neeed anything but what you have in your Linux box.

If what you want is to mount  a Windows filesytem in your Linux machine then try SAMBA, maybe you have it already (depending on your Linux distribution), if not go to any search service and use the keywords SMABA and Linux to get what you need.

jayluboAuthor Commented:
The problem lies in that I want to nfs mount a directory on another unix machine. The problem is that it requires a login and password, which isn't a problem on the windows machines because they have pcnfs clients. I'm looking for the same thing, but for a linux box. Maybe a better question might be how would I encorporate a login and password with the standard mount -t nfs command.

Exactly what do you want to do? If you want to allow access to some directories to some users and to block others then you can achieve it by a proper organization of your /etc/group file and seting the apropriate permission for each directory you are sharing.

Nevertheless I still sugest you check SAMBA, if you need passwords SAMBA has server and client to interconect machines in a W95 fashion, so each user will be required to give a password to access resources on others machines.

jayluboAuthor Commented:
I'm not explaining this clearly enough. What I'm trying to do, is
my university has set up some big fileservers that give each student 20 megs. They are unix based (solaris) servers, and the in the pc/mac labs you can mount the file space using pcnfs. I tried using traditional mount, to mount my directory, but it gave me permission denied, partly because in the labs you have to log in to use the computers, and obviously my linux box doesn't need the same login program as they use. Basically, I'm looking for a pcnfs client to mount my directory on my linux box. It is not a samba issue, I use samba on my local subnet with my roomates win95 boxes with no problems.
i.g. mount is setuid root, **and** the traditional UNIX mount is a host, not user, mount. So there is no login and/or passwd required for mount, its all done by the server (the mashine you want to mount), it grants or denies mount requests.
Some modern nfs deamons (like linux's:) may be configured with  restrictions on mount (see man 5 hosts_access).
AFAIK, there is no pcnfs-client for UNIX, you must ask your admin to grant mount access for your linux host.

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