SQL Error 613

Does anyone know what causes a stored procedure to work every other time
and give error 613 when it doesn't?
I've included the system message text below from SQL Books on line. I don't
know how I could be doing what it says.

"613      21      Request made to retrieve more rows from an already completed scan
of object '%.*s' in database '%.*s'."

============ Execution results =========================

********** Get cycle description
********** Build amounts work table
********** Main select into work table
********** Select FROM work table
Msg 613, Level 20, State 0

The SQL Server is terminating this process.

============ Here's the stored procedure ==================

            @cycle_id char(3)

      @cy_desc varchar(20)

PRINT '********** Get cycle description'

SELECT @cy_desc = cycle_desc
            FROM cycle
            WHERE cycle_id = @cycle_id

** Build work table of all grant fiscal amounts for this cycle - one field
for each term number.
PRINT '********** Build amounts work table'

      grant_term_1_amt =      CASE term_no
                        WHEN 1 THEN fiscal_amount
                        ELSE NULL
      grant_term_2_amt =      CASE term_no
                        WHEN 2 THEN fiscal_amount
                        ELSE NULL
      grant_term_3_amt =      CASE term_no
                        WHEN 3 THEN fiscal_amount
                        ELSE NULL
      grant_term_4_amt =      CASE term_no
                        WHEN 4 THEN fiscal_amount
                        ELSE NULL
      application a,
      grant_amount ga

      a.cycle_id = @cycle_id
      AND a.appl_id = ga.grant_id

PRINT '********** Main select into work table'

      appl_inst_name = ai.inst_name,
      investigator_name = ap.last_name + ', ' + ap.first_name,
      inv_last_name = ap.last_name,
      inv_first_name = ap.first_name,
      inv_degree_desc = id.degree_desc,
      cycle_desc = @cy_desc,
      mentorname = mp.last_name + ', ' + mp.first_name,
      invinstname = invinst.inst_name
      application a,
      person ap,
      person mp,
      degree id,
      institution invinst,
      institution ai,
      grants g
      a.cycle_id = @cycle_id
      AND a.resp_grant_appl_id = g.grant_id      
      AND ap.person_id = g.investigator_id
      AND id.degree_id =* ap.degree_id
      AND invinst.inst_id =* g.inst_id
      AND g.mentor_id *= mp.person_id
      AND g.inst_id *= ai.inst_id

PRINT '********** Select FROM work table'

      appltypedesc = at.description,
      meninstadd1 = madd.street_1,
      meninstadd2 = madd.street_2,
      meninstcity = madd.city,
      meninststate = madd.state_id,
      meninstzip = madd.postal_code,
      meninst_id = madd.inst_id,
      invinstadd1 = iadd.street_1,
      invinstadd2 = iadd.street_2,
      invinstcity = iadd.city,
      invinststate = iadd.state_id,
      invinstzip = iadd.postal_code,
      invinst_id = iadd.inst_id,
      inv_inst_department = idept.dept_name
      department idept,
      address iadd,
      address madd,
      application a,
      grants g,
      appl_type at,
      #reswork aw,
      #grantamountwork gaw
      aw.resp_grant_appl_id = g.grant_id
      AND aw.appl_id = a.appl_id
      AND aw.resp_grant_appl_id = gaw.grant_id
      AND g.investigator_id = iadd.person_id
      AND aw.appl_type_id = at.appl_type_id
      AND g.canceled_reason_id IS NULL
      AND g.mentor_id *= madd.person_id
      AND iadd.dept_id *= idept.dept_id
      AND aw.appl_type_id <> 'ROG'
      AND madd.is_primary = 1
      AND iadd.is_primary = 1
       aw.comm_tab_no, appltypedesc, aw.inv_last_name, aw.inv_first_name

PRINT '********** DROP work table'
DROP TABLE #reswork
DROP TABLE #grantamountwork

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I think you need to use same alias for one table in request (table address has aliaces iadd,madd) and one of them used as right part of outer join condition.

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