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Posted on 1997-09-14
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Last Modified: 2010-03-18
I have a US.Robotics Sporster 56K modem.
Since I've used Windows 95, I plug my modem as PNP which means I did not put any pin set.
Now I try to make a connection with Linux through phone
call whuch use PPP tech. I even did not hear any sound
from my modem.
How can I make my modem work?
Question by:Daemon

Expert Comment

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Linux does not support PnP (in principle).
There are a series of different tools to overcome this problem, check the Re Hat's site:

THey have been hosting the project to include PnP support in Linux, the most famous utility to do so is called isapnp.

   Note that the development is constrained to few devices and actually the authors will like to hear experiences with as many devices as possible.

You can also try disabling the PnP capabilities of your card, Linux shoul recognize it without PnP but can make your life difficult in W95 because you need support now for the card in "normal" (not PnP) mode.

Author Comment

ID: 1586579
If I turn off Pnp mode which means I set com port and IRQ etc,..
How can I use my modem in Linux.
I am going to set COM3, can you give me the way that I can make
a connection. I am useing Slackware 3.1(kernel2.0)

Accepted Solution

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Use a program called dip to connect.

Type dip -t
then port /dev/cua2
then term
then atdt(provider no.)
this should start the modem ringing and connect you.

Alternatively you could use a chat script eg pppd connect /dev/cua2 defaultroute 'chat "" ATDT(provider no.) ogin: your_login word: your_password'

need more help e-mail me at jsons@aone.com.au



Expert Comment

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      All you need to do is edit the file in your /usr/sbin directory called ppp-on i.e.

pico /usr/sbin/ppp-on

change the things which are relevant to you, such as your username and password, and your dial-in number also if you have a permanent IP address put it in, Then down the bottom somewhere look for a section like this, or something a bit similar  You need to change the bit, where in mine it says /dev/cua2 .  Well it so happens that if your modem is on COM3 then the bit which says something like /dev/cua1 or similar needs to be /dev/cua2 also change the speed setting somewhere in that script, to 115200 or 56700 to take advantage of your modems compression abilities.

exec /usr/sbin/pppd debug lock modem crtscts /dev/cua2 115200 \
        asyncmap 20A0000 escape FF kdebug 0 $LOCAL_IP:$REMOTE_IP \
        noipdefault netmask $NETMASK defaultroute connect $DIALER_SCRIPT

THEN:  You just have to execute that script file!  As long as you have an Internet Service provider to give you ppp-access then you should be home free.=) To turn off the script just type ppp-off and it will hang up.

Also In later Kernels PnP is supported by Slakware. such as my 2.1.52 which is very stable so far, and nothing is spared as far aas funtionality goes.

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