Mode 12h - 640x480x16 ASM Routines needed

Posted on 1997-09-15
Last Modified: 2009-12-16
I am using Mode 12h.... (640x480x16) without BGI
Could someone please tell me where I can get an ASM Super fast DMA putpixel, getpixel, and any other routines....

Thanks for the help...

Question by:theblip
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ID: 1215831
Why are you using only 16 colors and not just the 320x200x256 mode? It is a lot easier to program just write a byte which represents the color to Mem [$A000:Y*320+x]. Or is the resolution a problem. Then you can always try Xmode [320X400X256] or just try some VESA mode.
But anyway, you want routines for the 640x480x16 mode. What kind of routines are you expecting besides the putpixel and getpixel.
I can provide you those two procedures tomorrow in full 386+ assembler. I guess that you can build other graphic routines based on these two procedures ... if not , just let me know and maybe I write them for you !


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ID: 1215832
Well.. About the use of 640x480 with 16 colors.. It wasn't really my decision because I'm in a club and the main programmer has decide to use it for the project we're working on because we need a high resolution and he only has an old 386 and doesn't have a VESA compatible card... (unfortunately)

I mainly only need getpixel and putpixel procedures...
But a line procedure or a procedure to fill in a closed area might be useful...

I think that should be all.... =)
Thanks for helping... =)


Expert Comment

ID: 1215833
Hey theblip,

I have put a file on
Please read first the read.1st file , in this I've explained some
little things that are important ! Well, good luck with it
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Author Comment

ID: 1215834

I'll grade this after I have a look at it..

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ID: 1215835
Put another version on the same site ...

Author Comment

ID: 1215836

Author Comment

ID: 1215837
Hello again....

I seem to be having problems getting the OBJ file to work properly..

It compiles perfectly but when I get it to set a pixel it displays 'Rubbish' onto the screen...

I have sent you an email with more detailed info hope you can help me...

Expert Comment

ID: 1215838
still haven't receive your e-mail

Author Comment

ID: 1215839
ok.. I'll try sending it again...

Author Comment

ID: 1215840
Thanks for all the help Berox =)!!!

I works great now... =)


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