ISP Performance Testing

Wanted: An automated script to dial-up a series of local Internet Providers, visit 6 FTP sites and download files. Record the connection speed, and transfer speed. Perform this test repeatedly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and report the data in a spreadsheet compatable format.

I'm not experienced in Linux but I'd like to use a spare 386DX-33 to perform the tests.
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vorearAuthor Commented:
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All of that for 50 points ?? Wheeez ... good luck.
I'll give you the answer for 50 points but won't write the script. The way to do it would be to creat a batch file, cron job or perl script to do this. There are many software progs out on the web that will record the xfer rate and line rate of a connection. so to do this set up a crontab to dial the isp using a chat script. Then run the software for the stats. Then run a perl script to take the data and put it into a db.

Alternatively you could do this via a router stats prog like mrtg.

Hope this helps...


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vorearAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I didn't have much points to spend at the time. And yes, using cron would be the logical method - but for 50 points I would expect the names of the programs that do a good job at their seperate tasks.
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