windows title???

i want to know 2 things :
1.) when running xterm ,cmdtool how can i set the window name and its icon name (of the program running inside) ,to be displayed ,if i have 7 windows open i can't know which window is running what program ... how can i set this option
.... automatically and not each time manualy (-n switch for the xterm).

2.) the points here for question ,when do they get reseted ,after i ran out of points i can't ask anymore q. for how long ,or what should i do to reset them back to their initial value?
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csh syntax:
 switch ($term)
 case sun:
 case sun-cmd:
    alias back      "echo -n '^[[6t' > /dev/ttyp\!*"
    alias close     "echo -n '^[[2t' > /dev/ttyp\!*"
    alias front     "echo -n '^[[5t' > /dev/ttyp\!*"
    alias open      "echo -n '^[[1t' > /dev/ttyp\!*"
    alias ttytext   'echo -n "^[]l\!*^[\^[]L\!*^[\">`tty`'
 case hpterm:
    alias ttytext   'set ll = `echo "\!*" | awk "{print length}"`;echo -n "^[&f0k${ll}D\!*"; unset ll'
 case iris-ansi*:
    # buggy: does not support window settings
    alias ttytext   'echo -n "^[]2;\!*^G"'
    alias ttytitle  'echo -n "^[]2;\!*^G"'
 case dtterm:
 case linux:
 case xwsh:
 case xterm:
    alias ttytext   'echo -n "^[]0;\!*^G"'
    alias ttyname   'echo -n "^[]1;\!*^G"'
    alias ttytitle  'echo -n "^[]2;\!*^G"'

take care about
   ^G  and  ^[
they are ASCII 0x07  and  ASCII  0x1b

Good luck

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doron123Author Commented:
how do i write the ascii 0x07 and 0x1b in the unix i don't know ,in the pc i know you press the Ctrl+the ascii number .
could you please tell me ....
depends on your editor, in vi for example use:
  ^V^G            Ctrl-V followed by Ctrl-G
  ^VESC         Ctrl-V followed by ESC

In a shell it can be more tricky, try to type the chars as is, just the CTRL-G itself
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doron123Author Commented:
i uses the emacs ,shouid i write there ctrl+g ?
emacs, I can't give **you** this answer, because this depends highly on your personal emacs configuration/settings.
I suggest using vi, it's pretty simple:
i  for insert, then type your text, ESC to end your input, then :wq to save and quit (but this is not subject to this question:)
doron123Author Commented:
i get when running source .scrc
breaksw: endsw not found.

what is it ,what should i do to fix it?
you've forgotten the   endsw   command.

Uups, may be you've a Copy/Paste  problem:
there is **exactly** one line between  case hpterm:  and  breaksw
doron123Author Commented:
i only wrote from :case sun till the hp(not including the hp),and tthe xterm case so i have 2 cases and 2 breaksw and one endsw.

i didn't write the hp ect since im working on the sunos and xterm ,is this ok ...?
but still i think i covered the breaks and end sw ,so why do i still get breaksw: endsw not found ??

thanks for the fast and efficient help
Hmm, no idea.
You may send your script to
doron123Author Commented:
i added it to the .cshrc someone here told me that its not for the c shell ...? is this correct?

please help me i must have an answer...

Yes, sounds good.
As I wrote it is csh syntax, so $HOME/.cshrc is a good place.
doron123Author Commented:
i deleted one breaksw and now when sourcing the .cshrc i don't get the error i got ,but still it doesn't work....

how do i make it work ???

Hey, csh is like C (C-shell:-), so in worst case you get the wrong settings.
It's best if you send your script or give me a email address.
doron123Author Commented:
ok its better ,my e-mail add. is

id love to send you my cshrc so you could check it ,and that could save us a day of assumptions.

thanks ahead doron amedey
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