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time_t / difftime in millisconds

Does anyone have a function in ANSI C that breaks down the time_t and difftime functions into milliseconds instead of seconds? I am running it on a dos platform based machine.
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time_t cannot be broken down into milliseconds.  It is a integer count of seconds, and does not have a resolution smaller than seconds.  What operating system are you using?
kph1Author Commented:
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rmichels is right. All you can do (I'm talking portability here)
is to give the clock(void) function a try. This function
returns a clock_t value. The <time.h> file defines a manifest
constant CLOCKS_PER_SEC, i.e. every other second, clock()
returns a new value CLOCKS_PER_SEC units higher than the
previous one ...

kind regards,

Jos aka jos@and.nl

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If you were under WIn95 or WinNT you could use timeGetTime (part of the multimedia API) which is down to milliseconds.

I think functions that do better than that are dependant on the hardware etc.
Also have a look at the C FAQ questions:

19.37:  How can I implement a delay, or time a user's response, with sub-second resolution?
You can use the function ftime.

#include <sys/time.h>

int ftime(
          struct timeb *tp );

The struct timeb contains a field millitm with the milliseconds.

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