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Windows 95 defragmentation (for FIPS)

klopter asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-15
I want to split my hard disk between Win95 and Redhat
Linux.  The only defragmentation program that I have
is what comes with Win95 and it does not seem to
move all the hidden files.  Win95 tells me that I have
950M available on my hard disk and that the disk is 0% fragmented (because I just ran the defragmenter).
But, fips will only give me 350M in a new partition.

The fips document suggests using dir /a:h /s and
dir /a:s /s but "dir /a:h /s" generates a huge list
of files and I can't figure out how to delete them
either.  (del does not find them somehow.)

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Be careful here, you do not want to delete of move hidden files which are placed in exact spots on the drive.  You should be safe to do it though, on the whole, the way to list those hidden files is as you had said, but to change the attributes in DOS you use the command "attrib" if you are unsure about what I say here, just do help attrib to get a bit clearer picture.

you do attrib to get a list of the attributes on files, to change them you just do attrib -H -S -R {filename} or something similar to change the attributes, then you don't have to actually delete them to get that space free, just Defragment the files again, and see what happens, you may have to keep doing it a couple of times,  BUT make sure you take a note of which files were hidden, system, read-only, etc.  So that once you have defraged the disk you can re-attrib them with  attrib +H +R +S {filename}
WARNING:  DO not change the attributes of the following files...
or any hidden/system/files in the root directory, only do this if they are not a part of the operating system.
It is safe to re-attribute the system.dat and system.da0 and user.dat and user.da0 files in the c:\windows directory.  For the most part I have found these are actually usually the cause of this problem, because everytim you open windows successfully it updates the .dat files, and makes a backup, the .da0 files.

So try that and get back...


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Thanks, that worked.  But, I'd still like to know what I did.
I finally found attrib in C:/windows/command and used it
as you instructed (-h -r -s) on user.dat, user.da0, system.dat and system.da0.  I defrag'd my disk again (within Windows95),
exited Win95 and ran fips.  

This time, fips gave me 600Mbytes to play with.  (According to
Win95, I have 900Mb free, but 600 suits my needs, so I
chose to proceed.)  I set aside 500 Mbytes, intending to
break off another 100 Mbytes later.  fips did not allow me
to break off another 100 Mbytes because it said that my
last sector wasn't empty (or something like that).

So, I am now down to 500 Mbytes.  But, that is still wnough
so I  have proceeded.

Any ideas why "help attrib" did not work for me?

I did not remember to restore the attributes to user.dat
and system.dat.  Is this why my Windows 95 setup has changed?
I frankly don't care much about my Win95 setup.  All I need
Win95 for is Quicken and games.  But,I am curious.

Thanks again,

I'll get back to you in a little while, I gotta go to the bank, I have a couple of things to say reagrding your further questions...
      all setups of windows are different, I always go custom, and add so many different things to my COnfig.sys, Autoexec.bat, etc so that my path, and sch, points to things like the help file.  Anyway don't worry too much about not seeing the help on attrib.
      By only having 600Mb it means that you still have a hidden file or two sitting at the end of the logical disk structure, which muct be moved to the beginning, or close thereof.  It is rather labour intensive unless you have a program which can display for you what is on the disk and where, such as Norton Speedisk, where you can do a walk of the drive and where you see the XXXX sectors (XXXX meaning h,s or r) and say.."O.k. I know it is that file I can attrib it" then you would defrag again.
      A handy hint is to do the attribing from within a dos prompt, then defrag, then re-attrib, because as I said Windows re-writes to the System.dat, etc. constantly.  By the way in what way did your Windows setup change?

What you have to do with FIPS is break the partitions in two. it is used for splitting not creating partitions.  You got the error because you have data at the end sector of that first partition.

So you have to split and get the whole 600Mb (or 900mb if you get more hidden files to move) then using a partition program, such as fdisk, or Linux fdisk  you would delete that new 600mb/900mb partition, and create two new ones.
You see with hard-drive partitioning, unless you are very neat and tidy with what you are doing, and know EXACTLY what you are doing, things have to be done there and then, not later.  Also make sure you make the backup of the P/table that FIPS offers, and keep it very safe.

By the way Ken, does that mean You've chosen to award me the points?  'cause I was just thinking of asking for some more to go with my follow up, if you wouldn't mind.  =)


Thanks for the information.  Everything is working nicely for me
now.  I did not mention that I have a second disk on which I
had previosuly installed Slackware.  It turns out that Redhat
is happy to mount the Slackware disk so I have no shortage of
disk space.

I am still not exactly sure what I would have done to get more of
the 900 Mb.  Buying Norton speed disk is a hassle and expense
for just one task.  I guess that is what I would have had to
do (or give up on fips and do a destructive disk partitioning)
if you hadn't been able to tell me which files to attrib.

The only reason that I kept going back to Windows 95 to do the
defrag is because that is the only way I knew how to do it.

My windows setup used to have the START bar on the right hand
side of the screen.  I never intentionally put it there,
but some set of key strokes put it there and I never botherd
to put it back.

Ken  (stanley@cs.berkeley.edu)

"Windows 95 is a chauffered limousine to a wonderful destination
of Bill's choosing.  Linux is a beatup VW, but at least I
get my hands on the wheel."


Nicademus.  I tried to add 50 points to the points for this
question.  (I put 125 in the increase points to box)
But, it apparently did not happen.  If you can
initiate this from your end, I'll OK it.

It's O.k. Ken I got the points, thanks.  I hope you have some fun with Linux, I know I do, it's a brilliant OS.  

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