DBE Error...

...on a Windows95 assembled PC, Delphi 2 Developer.

  Hello people,

when trying to open a table from DatabaseDesktop, everything goes fine, but it's impossible to accomplish the task both from Delphi (design time and run time), and from DatabaseExplorer.

The opening fails with this error message:

Database Engine Error

"Invalid file name"

  BDE Error: 9987 / [$27][ $3]

  Invalid file name

The error keeps occurring after complete reinstallation of the OS and of the Delphi package.

So my question(s):

1. could you explain what is the meaning of that error message (or at least point me to the right docs)?

2. and, what do you think the cause may be?

BTW, i just bet the mother board is buggy, which doesn't make my nights easier... ;)

Thanks, julio
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WaldekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if You have win95 OSR2 You needed a new version of Borland library idapi32.dll for support a new FAT32 in OSR2. This library is in www.borland.com/bde . Date of idapi32.dll must be 12/02/96.
julio011597Author Commented:
Adjusted points to 200
This may sound a bit lame, but have you checked the alias setup, it's my experience that 95% of all the database errors I get are derived from some malconfig of the alias used.
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julio011597Author Commented:
 Thanks for your try dionysos,

but aliases ar OK.

I do really think the problem has something to do with OS or hardware, because other applications too behave strange when dealing with files.

Anyway, i'll accept even an answer just helping me find out what that BDE error means.

Rgds, julio
julio011597Author Commented:
Thanks Waldek,

i'll have a look at it and let you know...

julio011597Author Commented:
 Hello back,

sorry for this long delay, but, to be true, the problem has occurred to one of my friends, and it took a bit to have the information back.

I've also had a look at Borland site and it seems you gave me the right answer, so i'll grade it, because it will take a least another month to actually check if this solves the problem.

Cheers, julio
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