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Unix Networks question

How to prevent some send me some large attactment file with email?
1 Solution
how about setting
for your delivery agent in sendmail.cf
You can not prevent it, at most you can purge it when it arrives.
Depending of how you get your e-mail (pop account in ISP or maybe you are lucky and have your own server, then you can try the option provided in th previous comment by ozo).
stAuthor Commented:
I need to dial-up to ISP.
How can I check the Sender Name, Subject or attacted file size/name before download the mail??

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 You cannot have control on what gets on your Mail server machine - and your ISP can just specify maxsize for your mailbox folder as a whole.

What you can do is just getting a good mail reader which lets you specify filters based on names and sizes.

Another option would be writing your own mail reader.

Both ways aren't but what jlms has already said:

> You can not prevent it, at most you can purge it when it arrives.

Cheers, julio

P.S. you should reject this one, as well, just to stay consistent...
stAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your kind of help.
Agree on "you cannot prevent it". The only way is for your mail
admin to set the message size in sendmail.cf. That would apply to all the users on the same mail gateway. But others could still
mailbomb you with zillions of little messages. With newer version
of sendmail 8.8.7, you could have a spam filter set into it.
But from the user point, you cannot do or prevent it.

Minh Lai
I don't think the sendmail.cf size neccessarily has to be the same for all users.
the administrator should be able select different delivery agents in rule set 0
depending on the user name

(BTW n0thing, have you any experience in setting spam filters in 8.8.7?)
Depending on your ISP you might be able to connect to him and see
and/or delete the mail you have in the mailbox.

Here in Portugal at "telepac.pt" my ISP allows that.
Before I go to the mail program I use Netscape to access
the mailbox they have and I see if I have mail and I can delete
it if I want.

In the Mailer methods for smtp you can define the largest size of mails you wanna handle... M=1000000 as an example sets teh largest size to 1 MB. Mails not fitting into the M directive is bounced.
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