Delphi Programming question

could someone give me an exemple of using
getdiskfreespaceex with delphi, I mean with the types declaration and the call .. I tried but I can't get it to run without bugs. I'm using delphi 3 c/S and osr2
it's a function of osr2, it is documented in the c++builder
ms-sdk help, but if u check the delphi units you will see
that it's there ;)
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This is not answer. I try find getDiskFreeSpaceEx in MS-SDK and in Delphi, but i can't find ? If this exist ? I can find only getDiskFreeSpace.
jeurkAuthor Commented:
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jeurkAuthor Commented:
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What exactly do you need?
Information about the clusters or information about disk space?
jeurkAuthor Commented:
Some precisions:
I want to get the free disk space available, It already
works with getdiskfreespace, but I want to use getdiskfreespaceEx
Please just show me the right manner to call that functions
with the right parameters, U know, I try to use it but It
seems to me that it does not work as it should, I think
that maybe my parameter do not have the right type, because
the ms-sdk shows c-typed functions and I'm not sure
of my translation.
When I tried GetDiskFreeSpaceEx I got Access Violations.  It turns out that it is desclared incorrectly in Windows.pas.  It does NOT use Integers for the parameters (32 bits), but instead uses 64-bit structures called ULARGE_INTEGER (in C) or TLargeInteger (in Delphi).

Redeclare it as follows in your interface section:
function GetDiskFreeSpaceEx(lpDirectoryName: PChar;
  var lpFreeBytesAvailableToCaller, lpTotalNumberOfBytes: TLargeInteger;
  lpTotalNumberOfFreeBytes: PLargeInteger): BOOL; stdcall;

In your implementation section, put the following:
function GetDiskFreeSpaceEx; external kernel32 name 'GetDiskFreeSpaceExA';

To call it, do the following:
procedure TForm1.GetBytes;
  FreeBytes, TotBytes, TotFreeBytes: TLargeInteger;
  GetDiskFreeSpaceEx('C:\', FreeBytes, TotBytes, @TotFreeBytes);
  ShowMessage('Free Bytes (Available to caller) = ' + FloatToStr(FreeBytes.QuadPart));
  ShowMessage('Total Bytes = ' + FloatToStr(TotBytes.QuadPart));
  ShowMessage('Total Free Bytes = ' + FloatToStr(TotFreeBytes.QuadPart));

Hope this works for you.


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