Excel password problem

I need to find out a password on an Excel file but I have forgotten it.  I know it's a bit naughty but does anybody know if there is a way round it or how to find out the password
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itamarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are two options  (but, they are not free):

http://www.accessdata.com/excelprd.html  ($ 169.00)


http://www.crak.com/download.htm  ($ 185.00)

I think this answer is right, dispite of the costs of the solution. I couldn't find anything else for free...
There are some Password crackers on the net. The big trouble with the ones that I found is they cost money(25$ up to185$). You can try to search for EXCEL and PASSWORD.
Before doing so, if I was you, I would seek on this site because this question has already been answered some weeks ago.
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You can try this one. It's for free:


As you didn't mention Excel version you'll have to try. I think it works fine for Excel 5
ShaleyAuthor Commented:
Sorry, although the software exists it doesn't work.  Thanks for your help.
ShaleyAuthor Commented:
Yes you are right.  The so called cracks don't work on my file so I may have to purchase something.

Thanks for the help.
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