logical drive under Windows 95

I have mapped my private subdirectory on drive C: in my previous system (MS DOS) to letter Z by using the subst DOS command: (subst z:=c:\private\alex ).

Now I have been Windows 95 installed, and I want to have the same logical drive to using with windows applications.
In witch way can I do this ?
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You can do the same. Windows 95 supports the subst command. Make sure that if you install software directly on drive Z that you will always have drive Z, or else, Windows 95 might not like it at all.

PS: When Win 95 is upset, it usually crashes :)

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apsoftAuthor Commented:
If I correctly understand you, I can write this command in autoexec.bat file for Windows 95.

But what with Windows NT Workstation 4.0 ?
There are no autoexec file !

Yes, I meant to say that you could include the subst command in autoexec.bat, just like before with DOS

You mentionned Windows 95, so that's why I said you stull could use subst. I don't know about Windows NT. I doubt there'd be a subst compatibility. I'll try to ask around.

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There is NO subst command available under Windows NT, but you CAN assign any partition any Driveletter. And, correct, there is no Autoexec.bat in NT, simply because it serves no use.
apsoftAuthor Commented:
I check this method (with subst in autoexec file for Windows 95),
but there is a little problem: this logical drive (setting with subst command) exist for all users to the some directory.
My idea is to map my private directory, and for another user to
its private directory (not for my directory).

Do you know the other way to map a letter to private directory depending on user that logined ?
apsoft: yes, you can assign individual mappings based on what user is logged in, but to keep that "secure" you need serverbased scipting, r else teh users could easily bypass/change the settings.
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