Loggin onto Remote IPX Novell 4.1 server via local Token-Ring on Windows 3.1

I am trying to connect a machine which is currently running on Windows 3.1 and is connected locally to a Novell 3.12 server using a Toker-Ring Card to a Remote Novell 4.10 server running IPX / ethernet.     A bridge is routing the packets to the remote server.    I was able to connect a Windows '95 local station to that remote server, which means that the communications problem has been solved.     On the Windows '95 station I had to enable the buffer size to 16K (IPX ADVANCED).   Source Routing is enabled between the servers.   From the Windows 3.1 station I can see the remote server with the SLIST command, but CANNOT logi into the remote server.    Is there a parameter which has to be enabled in the NET.CFG?   Everything works on one way (Novell 4.10 and connecting to the 3.12 Remote),  From a local station to the Novell 4.1 server, I can log on to both servers the 4.1 and Novell 3.12 (Remote).

I know it might sound confusing but it is simpler than it sounds.   Please let me know if I am not being clear so I can explain better.

Thanks much,

Enrique Zapata
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Is that an ability that you didn't use the right login parameters?

RiquetAuthor Commented:
Nope.    I used the right login as:  

While at the DOS PROMPT in the Windows 3.1 machine and being logged to the local Novell 3.12 server I tried to log in to
the remote 4.10 server as:


This woudln't work.    

(1) Also, keep in mind that I installed the Client for DOS/WINDOWS for Novell 4.10 which should enable you to connect to any Novell Server (2.X, 3.X, 4.X).

(2) Also, I was able to log in from another machine in the same network segment which is right next to the Windows 3.1 machine, by using the same log in and password, which ensured me that I was using the right login parameters.

Thanks for the try and will wait for another try.

Enrique Zapata

(1)There is a problem to login to 4.11 server with login.exe taken from 3.12 because of the diffence between the NDS and the Bindery. When you are logged in to the 3.12 try to run login.exe which was taken from the 4.11 server (copy it to a disket).

(1)The login syntax you have used is 4.11's syntax - when the users
try to login from the 3.12 server they run the LOGIN.EXE from the 3.12 server. So maybe the 3.12's login syntax is different from the 4.11's???


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