MAinActor & Dive.dll in Warp 4

I can run MainActor in Warp 4, but am unable to play any video file: I get a "Can't open Dive screen/window" error.  On the off chance my Dive.dll had been corrupted, I was planning to rename it and then substitute the DIVE.DLL included with MainActor.  I was unable to rename DIVE.DLL, getting a "program already in use by another program".

I used WatchCat to look at my DLL's and DIVE.DLL does not appear to be in use by any other applications??

Any ideas??

In response to Arjen's questions, it is Main Actor ver 1.10, any file I try to play (or display in MainView/2) brings up the error.  I can load files, save them etc. but am unable to play any AVI, MOV etc.  My screen resolution is set at 800x600 at 16M.

In response to Arjen's suggestion:  tried that, didn't work.  However, I tried Interstream's MPEG player, and it informed me that DIVE wasn't supported in the current system resolution.  I thought I'd played with that a bit before, but I'll go back to this.  Interesting since MainActor ran fine in Warp 3.  
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Which version of mainactor are you using? 1.1?
Which video file are you playing?

I have had some problems too with resultions >320*200 in version

cmcdAuthor Commented:
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Start OS/2 with Alt-F1, go to a command line F3?, and rename dive.dll. Instaal dive again.

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cmcdAuthor Commented:
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cmcdAuthor Commented:
Well, it appears that the number of colours, rather than the resolution per se is the problem.  Dropping down to 655536 colours solved the problem, regardless of the resolution.  As soon as I go to 16 million colours, forget it.

Good suggestion, arjin, thank you.

these problems are probably all DIVE based, meaning that there are
lots of bad DIVE graphic card drivers around. Some will actually
crash, others will feature high CPU loads.

We are actually very frustrated about the situation as most gfx
card companies simply dont care. The ones which care are (based on
our experience) Matrox and Elsa. However even their drivers can be
crashed in some configurations (enDIVE, 24 bit DIVE etc). And, if a
program crashes most users will associate this with the program and
not with the video drivers.

We are therefore planning to integrate (optional) non-DIVE based video
playback, however we cannot give a timeframe as we are busy with v1.5 of
MainActor and after that we will be more than busy creating the
sequencer add-on for MainActor.

Hope that clarifies things.

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> >>> MainActor/2..?  Well.. I did get excited at that one.  Got fed up with the
> >>> crashes and reboots.. reminded me of my Win31 days.  My system?  Doubt it.
> >>> Solid...solid, I say, as a rock in every other area.
> >>And your videocard/driver revision is??
> >>Justin Baustert
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> I'm using a generic S3 764, 3.03.16 is the version. Work system At home,
> generic S3 ViRGE, 825Ramdac, 1.01.11 is the driver.
> I don't have any crashes, high CPU usage at the office, Pentium 120, but
> at home, Cyrix 200, runs great low cpu usage...
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cmcdAuthor Commented:
As I mentioned in a previous comment, lowering the resolution to 6555536 colours worked.  Incidentally, my vid card is a Matrox Millenium 2M and it has performed relatively flawlessly.

As most OS/2 users know, multimedia video support can be hit and miss.  Apdodec is a great help for AVI's although it seems to truncate longer vids on my system.  I'm still not too happy with many MPEG players, mostly due to the marginal frame rate controls.  MainActor, while better at MOV and AVI than MPEG, is a great little package for the little viewing I do.

Thanks to Arjen for clueing me in to the difficulty with the resolution support for DIVE.

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