I was trying to build a form application with several text boxes, and navigation buttons.  However, I would like to enhance some security integration as follows:

When I willingly or unwillingly key down a text box (when I hit the keyboard, exclude mouse click to the text box), I would like to disable all the navigation buttons (next, previous, first, and last), then CANCEL and SAVE buttons will be active that can force users click one of them...So when I click CANCEL will "clear_record" and SAVE will commit_record".

Can anyone help?  In what trigger so I enforce?  Since I have tried several KEY bilt-in functions, that is no one works for my needs.  Any codes provided will be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!
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Well not sure if I understand what you want but basically you want the user to save after each record he enters....

so what can u do ?

Create key-down, up, nextrec, prevrec triggers at the block level and check the record status with system.record_status, if = 'INSERT' or 'CHANGED' Then force the user to press cancel or save with either showing an alert message box with two buttons cancel and save or simply display a acknowledgement message to the user asking him to save the record.....

i.e. Key-down trigger:

  button Number;

  if :system.record_status in ('INSERT','CHANGED') then
    button ;= show_alert ('CANCEL_SAVE');
    if button = 88 Then -- I think 88 is for the button1 on the alert property...
      clear_record (NO_VALIDATE);
    End If;
  End If;

Ok If you have any problem


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