Compaq Armada internal modem?

The compaq armada 7750 laptop I'm using has an internal modem, the driver installs and makes it available as com2.... BUT  AT commands give confusing results:-


I'm trying to use this with CCmail Mobile 6, is there a .MDM driver for this nonstandard modem?

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Lewiar: Actually it's not a non-standard modem, however you must make sure your have the correct "inf" file for it's installation. On the presumption that you have the latest driver from Compaq, save it off to a floppy. Go into control panel and click on the modem and remove it. Then go into device manager and make sure that the modem is not listed there as well. If it is, remove it. Restart your laptop and let windows find the modem and then point windows to the driver file on the floppy. If windows doesn't locate the modem on restart, then use the add hardware feature and point windows to the file on the floppy. Instinct tells me that the modem has a problem, but let's try a few other things first to rule out software incompatibility issues.

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The driver in use is the latest one downloaded from compaq's WWW site, ANT the modem is listed as Armada 7000 modem etc...

The driver correctly makes the modem available as COM2, BUT using HyperTerminal with a direct connection to COM2 gives :-


This appear not to be hayes compatible... which is a problem for the 16bit ccmail 6 client which will use the serial port directly rather than using 95's virtual modem driver....

Other Compaq PCMCIA modem cards work OK with it though!


lewiarAuthor Commented:
I think smeebud has got the worng end of the stick...
I hope!!!!
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lewiarAuthor Commented:
:) I might at that.
You've got a good man on your case.
Thanks Bud!

James: Does the 16bit ccmail 6 client have an available patch or setup for windows 95. If not, we're going to have to find a way of having windows permit ccmail to access the modem, or at least alter the modem strings to accomodate ccmail.
95 does allow CCmail access to the modem, however ccmail assumes the modem to be hayes compatible (Not unreasonable IMHO) and sends AT commands to it...

The modem accepts most of the AT commands, but not ATH1 or ATDT which makes it somwhat useless!!!

Compaq have given me a BIOS upgrade for the machine which I will try later, but it seems pretty damn silly to me!!!


P.S.  Not my thing at all this WinDoze crap... Let me at a proper UNIX machine!!!! <*GRIN*>

lewiarAuthor Commented:
Try the bios update, however we can change some of the modem settings as well.
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