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Posted on 1997-10-09
Last Modified: 2013-12-16
I get the following error messages during add printer setup and in the windows setup area (windows pre-installed):
Setup had trouble copying a file. Click ok to try copying the file again. If this message reappears, quit setup and then try running setup again. I click ok and it continues to copy files, but I have to keep hitting ok everytime it copies a file.

I click on details:
error #50 setup could not finish opening a file on your destination disk. It always says the same file is in C:\windows\options\cabs\
Question by:Joe25
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ID: 1751020
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by:Dane Pickering
ID: 1751021
      are you running an IBM AptivaPC ??

being the directory that you mentioned.   If not what type of PC is it?

Author Comment

ID: 1751022
Yes in fact I do have an IBM Aptiva 2176-C31 P133. I hope you have the answer...if so thanks in advance for your time.
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ID: 1751024
IBM Technical Support has had me recover the software that came with my system 3 times already. This is their solution to the problem. It works fine then, but after I start adding software it happens all over again. If someone figures out this problem, I will forever consider you a genius. Microsoft Windows 95 support has troubles with this one too. They keep referring me to the manufactuers of the software on my pc.

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ID: 1751025
This is probably not what you want to hear but anyway...
I have had the same problem but mostly when I have the source files on a server. Its very irritating to keep pressing OK (Usually not ALL the files) but once its done I have never had any problems with the installed device. And Yes this is most usual when one adds a printer.


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ID: 1751026
Are you just trying to copy a newer revision of a driver or to completly reinstall an existing driver?For installation is it required to have your w95 files handy (in what form HD located or on cd),because of files to be copied or needed by the printer drivers during this process?
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ID: 1751027
Give this a go:
Problems With Printers and Drivers.
1.On the Start menu, point to Settings, then Control Panel and then click Printers.
2.With the right mouse button, click the printer you are trying to print to, and then click Delete.
3.Double-click the Add Printer icon.
4.Click Next.
5.Click to select either Local Printer or Network Printer, and then click Next.
6.In the Manufacturers list, click Generic.
7.In the Printers list, click Generic/Text Only.
8.Click Next.
9.Follow the instructions in the Add Printer Wizard.
Due to the way video drivers and adapters interact with everything, next check your Video.
To determine whether the video driver is causing your problems, install the standard VGA driver:
1.On the Start menu, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
2.Double-click the Display icon.
3.Click the Settings tab.
4.Click Change Display Type.
Make a note of the adapter type in case you need to reinstall the original video driver.
5.Click the Change button in the Adapter Type section.
6.Click the Show all Devices option. 7.In the Manufacturers list, click (Standard display types). 8.In
the Models list, click Standard Display Adapter (VGA). 9.Click OK. 10.Click Close. 11.Click
Close. 12.If you receive a message asking you to restart Windows, click Yes. To change the settings
for the current display driver: 1.On the Start menu, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
2.Double-click the Display icon. 3.Click the Settings tab. 4.In the Color palette drop-down list, click
16 Color. Or, under Desktop Area, set the resolution to Less (640 by 480 pixels).
5.Click Apply.
6.Click OK.
7.If you receive a message asking you to restart Windows, click Yes.
For additional information about troubleshooting video problems in Windows 95, please see the
following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q127139 Troubleshooting Video Problems in Windows 95

Author Comment

ID: 1751028
Technical support had me try both suggestions and neither work. My printer does work, but during setup of the printer, windows setup, and the installation of very few programs I get this copying problem. It eventually copies the file, however, I have to click ok during each error message.

It would be nice to figure out the problem just because it's so annoying (as Yin has the same problem above). I can handle clicking ok to continue copying files, but I'm just concerned that one day this will cause my system to crash.

Any other suggestions would be helpful, but I doubt the problem will ever be resolved. Thanks to everyone for your ideas.
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ID: 1751029
Well Joe25. Lets give this a go;
In your registry you have a "sourcepath" that tell puter where to look for 95, inf's and other installation files. See that they are correct at:
and so on.

Author Comment

ID: 1751030

This is what's different in the registry from the one above:
oldwindir = ""
winadmindir = "c:\PISETUP"
setuptempdir = "c:\PISETUP"
SourcePath = "c:\windows\OPTIONS\CAPS"

Note: The last path directory shown c:\windows\options\caps is the same path directory in the error #50 message that I mentioned earlier in the copying process. Your path above is E:\WIN95\

The drives on my computer are:

A: Floppy
C: Hard

If you need more information feel free to contact me at .


Expert Comment

ID: 1751031
As the installation finds the file (It just dont like to copy the file the FIRST time) I doubt there is a problem with paths here. since the second try it works fine. And correct me if I'm wrong Joe25, it always sucseed att the second try.

 It sounds to me that there probably is a timing or reading problem of some kind. As I said before I have come across this problem somtimes and mostly when the source files are on a server and the computer must copy the files over the network. This, for me, adds to what could be troublesome.


Expert Comment

ID: 1751032
When you run the printer setup, you should get a dialog box asking you for the path to the files.  It should also have a Broswe button on it.  Click the browse button and point the setup utility to your Win95 recovery CD instead of your \Windows\Options\Cabs directory.  Note that you have to point to the complete path to the cab file that it is looking for.

Expert Comment

ID: 1751033
>SourcePath = "c:\windows\OPTIONS\CAPS"
> c:\windows\options\caps is the same path directory in the error >#50 message that I mentioned earlier....

Just to double check because you wrote two different things.  Check the error closely.  Does is say:
    SourcePath = "c:\windows\options\cabs"  (with a "b")
    SourcePath = "c:\windows\options\caps"  (with a "p")

If it is with a "p", check it to a "b" and that'll fix your problem.  If not, dirtdart suggestion will work perfectly.


Expert Comment

ID: 1751034
Sounds like a corrupt CAB file.  Copy the affected CAB file from a Win95 CD.  (Make sure it is the same version.)

Also, install CAB viewer from the Microsoft Power tools collection.  This will allow you to open the affected CAB files with an indepentdent extraction utility to determine the integrity of the factory installed files.

I have found a large percentage of computers with "factory" loads frequently have a few bad bits in the files.  Reinstalling form original media will generally solve the problem.

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Expert Comment

ID: 1751035
Don't know if this will help or not:
To Extract a Cab File Automatically

1. Copy Extract.exe to C:
2. Create new directory c:\Cabs In the Window Explorer.
3. From Windows Explorer click view\options\file types tab,click the New type button, edit under
Description of type: Cab Files
Association extension: Cab
Click the New button and edit under:
Action : Open and edit in (Application: c:\extract.exe /e /L c:\cabs)
Then Click OK, close, close.
All you have to do to extract a cab just double click the .cab file and it will extract to c:\Cabs
To Extract One File Or Use Wild Cards i.e.; *.
To extract from CD, 1st Change Directories to the X:\WIN95> prompt, where X is your
CD-ROM's drive letter. Then type the following:
EXTRACT /A /L C:\Windows\System WIN95_02.CAB KERNEL32.DLL
For your future reference you can do this one time and have a text file with all you CD's files, and
where they are. This will create a directory called C:\EXTRACT. You can save the text file and
delete the Directory.

Author Comment

ID: 1751036
Windows 95 is preinstalled on my computer. How do I replace the corrupt cab files in c:\windows\options\cabs? I need very clear and simple instructions, I'm considered computer illiterate.

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ID: 1751037
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Accepted Solution

Bogey earned 200 total points
ID: 1751038
Obtain a WIN95 CD (or floppies) from a friend.  Make sure it is the same version, (i.e. 4.00.950a or OSR2 versions).

There will be a \WIN95 folder on the CD that contains the CAB files.  These should be the same as the files in the C:\WINDOWS\OPTIONS\CABS directory on your hard drive.

If they match, copy the files from the CD to this directory.

If you cannot locate a Win95 CD, thank IBM for being so cheap so as not to include the $2 cD with the PC.

Author Comment

ID: 1751039
I guess I'm out of luck then because IBM does not supply us with a Windows 95 CD. I plan to back-up all of my installed software on a zip drive. I will do a product recovery from IBM's Product Recovery CD (for the last time). I will then use the updated cab files from the recovery and replace them with the corrupt files.

Finally, I will forever keep a back-up of the cab files on zip diskette just in case they become damaged again! Well there goes $150.00, but I guess a zip drive is worth it.

Take care everyone

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