Automated installs of Windows 95 + application

I want to create a floppy disk so I can boot up a PC in MS-dos mode, connect to my network and setup windows, office + all my other applications. Windows 95 seems to be the hardest.

I've got a number of different types of PCs and 2 different types of network adapters. I know for a fact that one of the network adapters does not auto detect properly.

As an overview the way I see the install working is that I boot up in dos, my script on the floopy disk formats the hard disk and copies dos + network drivers down to the c: drive. The install floppy will only work for one network card. The system will reboot, ask the users a few questions like what model and what machine id. The windows 95 install files will copy down from the server and a script will run to copy the machine id into batch.inf and any other on the fly customisations. The windows 95 setup will then run.

Any strange hardware will be specified somehow so we don't have plug and play problems.

After windows 95 is installed the system will autologon to the NT server as user "install". the logon script will kick off the other parts of the install process.


How do I force a certain pice of hardware to be selected ? Where do I copy the drivers files to ?
How do I make the system autologon to the NT server ?
Do you know of any good web resources on this or any better ways of doing it ?

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It sounds to me you could make good use of W95 and NT resource kit. You should be able to find your answers there. I could spend a more than a day writing an essay in this subject. Try to get at least W95 resource kit. It should help you a lot.

DanielGarciaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Yin for your answer. I have both the NT and Windows 95 resource kits as well a technet articles. I have scoured these for information. I have found some thing which have been useful..

1. Batch.inf
2. Building batch.inf using the setup program

I have also had a bit of a surf and found an article which explained how to stop the oem product id dialog box comming up. (I'm using SR2). This article ( also has information on auto logon during startup, hoever this is not auto logon to a domain server but just autologon to the PC.

I did find some information in technet about forcing the network card hardware selection. I have created the line s  (in my batch.inf)


I have also copyed my network card driver disk into the win95 install directory. so in this directory I have a file Netj3171.inf and a whole lot of subdirectories like on the driver disk.

When I run the win95 setup It is almost automat (I have to press enter to start the disk test, and select yes for the licence agreement screen) but when I get to the network driver section, it aks me to pick a driver. I then point to the win95 directory and a dialog box comes up to verify the driver and I hit ok. I then get an error message "This directory does not include any information about your hardware".

A small help for now. This will take care of you pressing return and agreeing to licence
An exampel of a win95 install command.

p:\win95\install.exe /IW p:\win95\msbatch2.inf <a:\enter.txt

The undocumented swich /IW takes care of the agreeing to the licence. (Note: It must be with capital letters)

'inserting' enter.txt takes care of the enter part.... You will have to create a text file, preferrably with where you just save a carrige return (Enter).

If I remember correctly your Netj3171.inf olso has to be in the \\server\share\win95\inf subdir and that you are not to keep the subfolders for the files on your network card driver disk. We skipped to automat the NIC identification since we used different NICs and this is our only input to install w95 together with User/Computername.

Tell me how it goes.

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DanielGarciaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Yin for your response. The /iw siwtch worked and so did enter.txt. The hardware selection is still a bit of a mystery. I have tried letting windows 95 autodetecting the card, I have tried specifying the card in netcards.

The latest thing that I have tried is xcopy the network card driver disk to c:\win95 and also c:\win95\inf. So I have a directory tree that looks a bit like....


I also have copies of netj3171.inf in both c:\win95 and c:\win95\inf.

In my batch.inf I have the following lines....

;We are relying on plug and play here

When I run the setup with these options I get the error message..

Error SU0335

Setup could not determine your hardware settings. There may be a missing or damaged Setup file or there may not be enough memory to continue. Free some memory and then run Setup again.

I press OK and get

Error SU995019

Control Data corrupt (0x139b)

I was wondering, do I need to tell some part of the setup to scan netj3171.inf for the driver information, or does the mere fact that it is in the win95 directory enough ?

The other question Yin is how do I close this question so you get your rating etc...
With this answer you will ba able to close this question and I will get the rating you award me.

I must say I don't quite follow you with your dir's on c: (Why so many win95?? one is the installed c:\win95 or?)well anyway a workararound (It's not the best one but....) If you check the box with inf-installer that you always want to select your own NIC then you shuld be able to use the 'have disk' option and point it to some shared place on your network where you have a copy of your NIC's diskette and go from there. Thus making it semi automatic. You have to tell the installation to install the specific NIC but everyting else will be automatic.

By the way Are you using w95 or w95b (release 2)??? if not w95b maby you should try. It might have support for your NICs and then  maby it can atodetect them (Or at least you can set them manualy whithout to much trouble)

If you feel this was enough help for you you can close this qestion or send me a comment (Or even reject it if you are not satisfied at all)

I wish you Good Luck


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DanielGarciaAuthor Commented:
I am using OSR2. The different directories you refer to are not win95 directories but the subdirectories from my NIC disk. I have the win95 install directory on my server and very early on I copy it to my local drive, so that the install can continue even if the server connection is lost.
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