Create Icons on the Windows-Desktop with Java-Script

Hi everybody

I'm looking for a tool or a tip for the following function:

when i click a button on my html-page, a routine must create a icon on the win'95-desktop with the relationship to the right Word-Document. Does anybody know how i can realise it???

Greetings from Switzerland

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If I understand you right you want to have shortcut or
just run World and open document in it and minimize
it's window?

I think there is no way to do this, by security
reasons, to create icon you need to access local HDD
(actually you want to have icon on desctop, that mean you want
to create shortcut file in desctop folder)
No one browser would allow this from HTML
Java or JavaScript loaded from the net.

The only allowed thing is a link (or button)
to file with extension associated to World
<A HREF="somefile.doc">
Netscape will launch application associated with this
extension, but ask user to confirm this action
And you have no way to control World (minimize it).

May be something is possible with Acive-x, but
sorry it will work in MIE only. But I'm not sure for this.

On other hand www is platform independent thing
(or at least pretendent to be)
and action you want to do is platform dependent, one
more argument why it can't be supported.

So direct answer: It's impossible (sorry not one you want to hear)
And good advise, do not try to do such things, even if you
will find way to do it in some browser, that will mean you
find security bug, and it will be patched soon.


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corsinAuthor Commented:
Thanx a lot...
corsinAuthor Commented:
Thanx a lot...
corsinAuthor Commented:
Thanx a lot...
corsinAuthor Commented:
kollegov: MSIE is our standard in the company, so do you think I can realise it with ACITVEX?????

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