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jni and static libraries

I'm writing a Java application that calls some functions in a static
library on Solaris 2.4.  A shared library libMyShared.so is created to
call functions in the static library libMyStatic.a: CC -G test.c -o
libMyShared.so -lMyStatic where test.c implements the native calls. When
I run the Java application, I get the following error: ld.so.1:
/usr/local/jdk1.1.1/bin../bin/sparc/green_threads/java: fatal: relocation
error: symbol not found: __0oNIostream_initctv: referenced in
 ./libMyShared.so killed

Does anyone know what is happening?
Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.

1 Solution
Sounds like your getting a conflict between static and shared instances of a function.

When you compile a library, you will be using either static or shared instances of the standard UNIX libs. When you attempt to link them both together in a single app. Your linker will most likley get totaly confused.

For this kind of mix, I would suggest you use CORBA or RPC's to establish the communication with functions that will make the calls to the static library, thus avoiding the presence of duplicated static/dynamic symbols.

Making a C interface to a C ++ package is not so easy, if
you are using C++ predefined object is not so easy. The C
entry point should initialize C++ static objects such as IO objects (cin, cout, cerr, and more)

I say that when I see iostream references that should require something that libC++ in the library compile & link line

I think the problem is in your C native library where C++ static objects are undefined. If you build a C main program which uses
C++ libraries that use C++ static objects, you'll have to call special code that allow you to create and init those objects.

Hope this helps


jz4349Author Commented:
The expert may be right, but no specific solution is suggested.
Adding "/usr/lib/libC.so.5" to the compile line solved the problem
(Thanks to qtxchho@aom.ericsson.se )

I am writing a java program which uses JNI to call old c++ libraries, and got error message:

ld.so.1:jdk/bin/sparc/native_threads/java:fatal relocation error:file /home/myhome/lib/libtest.so: symbol __xxxxx: referenced symbol not found

libtest.so is the shared library called indirectly by the java program. __xxxxx is the symbol of the function which is called in libtest.so and is defined in another library libcalledtest.so.

Both libraries libtest.so and lbcalledtest.so are in the same directory which is in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

I am using SunOS 5.5.1, java 1.2.2 and SC++ 4.2. Please send response to preetia@ggn.hcltech.com.


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