Document Contains No Data - problem with DBasics WWWAdminPro

I'm running DBasics WWWAdminPro on a FreeBSD Server.
I enter a test message to be added to the WWWBOARD and preview it - no problem so far.
When I choose Post Message I get a Document contains no data message. The permissions are all set correctly, and the scripts run fine on a different server.
Try it  at
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This script is working correctly, but the reason that wwwboard is returning an "empty page" (when I tried it, I was returned a HTML page, with nothing in the body).

Is it possible for you to place the wwwboard.cgi file at an accessible URL so that I can examine the source code further?
MrGAuthor Commented:
I'll put the source code at very shortly
MrGAuthor Commented:
I've now put the source at

The script actually created the first message file (1.shtml) and gives the no data messeage.

Then it will create no more files!!
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do you have the "wwwboard.cfg" and "wwwadmin.cfg" files?
Do you see anything in your server error logs?

When I run the source at, or open
I don't get a Document contains no data message

MrGAuthor Commented:
Try using the webboard at:

The config files are in the directory
When I try to run a duplicate of your wwwboard.cgi locally, I get
Permission denied at wwwboard.cgi 229.
which looks like
open(NEWFILE,">$basedir/$mesgdir/$num\.$ext") || die $!;
Does your server have permission to access that file?
What you need to do is telnet in to shell, and change permissions of your directory /usr/home/gareth/public_html/talkshop/test to 755.  So it would be chmod 755 /usr/home/gareth/public_html/talkshop/test

I believe what is happening is that the CGI is not having the permissons to create the file and write into directory.
MrGAuthor Commented:
This doesn't work!! Sorry!!
there is something wrong with the script, I went to authors test page and I got internal server error when for posting. When I got the error that I forgot my name, there was no problem.

Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
I see you are still having problems I will help you get it going and if you want some professioanl Web help talk to me when it comes to this...

Check out my web site below
then click on message board

check out the bad word feature...
and I can create other scripts for you as well as recreate the board if you want.

If you need help email me  - Home  - Work
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