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Did you see the headline marquee on www.cnn.com? Well that's what i want. I'd want to be able to configure the font, font colour, background, onMouseover colour and have click goto URL with statusbar info. Also unlimited number of headlines and perhaps optional scrolling direction. I do NOT want a typer or a ticker with one letter at the time, but a "presenter". All in Params for easy use. If the points aren't enough, gimme a buzz at boris@oden.se
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OpenCube has exactly what you want.  If you go to:


You'll find a great applet that you can download.  
If you look at http://www.baynetworks.com, you'll
see an example of it in use.  You can use it for
free for noncommercial purposes or you can buy it
for $39.  

My only connection with them is that I've used this
applet on a couple of sites.  It's really quite good.

Hope that helps,



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fischierAuthor Commented:
You've earned your points! But since i've been trying to contact Opencube to buy their applet but have so far been met by the BIIIIG silence, i'd like to hang on to my points until i really have it. The applet works fine, but since ours is a commercial site i do not wish to use it without paying.
Could you perhaps get me in contact with them Tony?
Otherwise i still be needing an applet just like it.

Sure, I'll get you a contact tomorrow when I get into
the office.  Glad to help,


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Have you tried the phone number:


They're more responsive by phone.  If you don't get
what you need, I'll get you the contact.  

They're not the quickest responders :), but I'll
dig up a name for you if you need it.


fischierAuthor Commented:
I live in Sweden so phoning's gonna be too complicated...

OK, I'll get you a name today.  :)


Try sending mail to:


If you don't get a reply, I'll get you a different


fischierAuthor Commented:
Great, i'll try it!
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