what's #102 on RS/6000 counter?

Olser RS/6000's have a led digital counter (dial)on their front panel. Mine got stuck on 102 during hot boot (startup) and won't proceed. What does that code mean?
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According to IBM documentation, the 102 code during startup is a "normal" status which means:
Built-in Self Test Started following Power On Reset.

But if you had a 888 flushing code,
followed after reset by 102 code, that means:
Unexpectd system Halt during normal operation.


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yfAuthor Commented:
any suggaestiobs as to what may have caused this Unexpectd system Halt?
The code after
888 Flushing are
AAA is the halt reaseon
DDD indicates if there has been a system dump created.
AAA may be
200 Mem bus error
201 Mem time out
202 Mem card failure  ....
300  data Storage interrupt
32X IO Exception
38X IO exception
400 Inst. storage interrupt
5xx External interrupt
700 Pgm interrupt
Do you have these codes?

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