Disabling "Start Menu, Documents" in 95/nt

How do u prevent "Start Menu, Documents"  from activating.  I don't think it should be necessary to constantly remember to the last accessed doc tray if the function is not wanted or needed.
Pol Editor or Registry editor, please detail steps needed.
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There is only 1 way I know of, plus it has other usefull features.
Freeware, very easy.
Start Menu Changer`97 ver.1.34 Start13x.zip 197 Kb

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rhomerAuthor Commented:
This shareware will probably work, but I would prefer Microsoft standard solution.
I've never seen a Microsoft Standard solution except "You can't do that. It's registry hacks and little tricks people come up with. The FREEWARE  does work. But is you want more input, reject my answer and someone else might be able to tell us both something we don't know.
Tell me please what version of 95 your running:
To see what version is loaded on your PC, go to Control Panel,
Systems, General tab. There are currently three versions of W95:
4.00.950 Win 95
4.00.950a Win 95 plus Service Pack 1. See MS Sys Updates on
Download page.
4.00.950b Win 95a plus all sys patches and Fat32. See OSR2
There are also numerous system patches, some of which are “must
have” items. See W95 System Updates on the Download page
and check them out.
Here's a registry hack that I used for 4.00.950:
(Goodbye Documents Menu!)

I found a website that gave me the info I needed to
remove the Documents Menu from the Start Menu.  You
have to use a hex editor (I used
HexEdit) to edit EXPLORER.EXE.  First, copy EXPLORER.EXE
to a temporary directory to work on it, and also put
another copy in some other place for safe keeping.  For
that matter, make sure your Windows 95 Startup Disk is
working because you may need it.  One little mistake and
the whole thing gets caught in an endless loop of some
kind.  Anyway, after you take plenty of necessary precautions,
open the copy of EXPLORER.EXE in the temporary directory and
look for memory addresses 2C300 to 2C340.  They should look like:

00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
01 00 26 00 44 00 6F 00 63 00 75 00 6D 00 65 00
6E 00 74 00 73 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
03 00 00 00 02 02 00 00 80 00 28 00 45 00 6D 00
70 00 74 00 79 00 29 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00

Replace each of these lines with a combination of 20
and 00 so they look like:

20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00
20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00
20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00
20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00
20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00 20 00

This makes windows bypass the "Documents" label when it
sets up the Start
Menu.  I just did mine, and so far it's going fine, but I
am keeping a good
copy of EXPLORER.EXE in a safe place for a while until I
can be totally
sure.  Hope this is a solution you can live with.  Let me
know what you
think.  Oh, the WWW page I got the important clue from was
the Windows95 Annoyances: Customize - Customize - Customize
page at
http://www.creativelement.com/win95ann/win95ann2.html  Check
it out, the
author had some other pretty good ideas.

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Another way is tweakUI, but here it's only cleared at logon.
It's in the PARANOIA section "Clear documents history at LOGON"
But that was heavy smeebud.
Tweak is part of POWER TOYS - a very usefull set of enhansments to windows gui.  I highly recommend it.
And POWER TOYS is the fruit of Microsoft programmers TEAM and to be used at your own risk (no support)...
THIS IS WHERE TO GET TWEAKUI                http://www.microsoft.com/windows/software/PowerToy.htm

If you want to 'Not have Documents' either build up (it only builds to 15 btw)or not even show.
Give Freeware, very easy. Start Menu Changer`97 a chanch.

lemme get a freebie here,
magigraf, do you know what Tweakui changes and where when you check in the "network tab' "Logon automatically at system startup"???
I did a before and after reg export to find the difference and didn't see anything.
rhomerAuthor Commented:
okay, I'll accept the answer.  But, I am going to repost the question into the WINDOWS NT setup area.   Shareware start menu changer is only for 95.
It's Freeware
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