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I recently installed a Zip drive and gave it the drive letter D, and my CD drive E. When I start the game (Labyrinth) after going to DOS mode (via a PIF) I now get the E drive letter like I'm supposed to, then I type in the bat file to start the game. I get the message: invalid media type, failure reading  drive D, abort, fail, retry.  All the windows settings are fine, everything says I have assigned the drive letters correctly, I can even read other cd's at the E: prompt but that game still thinks I'm using D. There is only a game save directory on drive C called Labsaves, otherwise the game is played only with the cd.
What's going on here? Have I missed something?
Can you help?

Thanks Steve
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The easy solution would be to backup your saved games in a temporary directory, then uninstall the game and reinstall it.
Without doing this, you could try to locate the .INI file in the Windows directory. To locate it, you could either look for a name sounding like the one of your game, or, go to the game with the ZIP drivers not loaded, then modify some option in the game, then quit. List all .INI files by date. It's one of the latest modified. When you have located the file, open it, and find the reference to the drive letter. Modify it, save and enjoy.
The DOS enviornment has no reference to the game. There are no *.cfg files associated with the game and there are no *.NIN files. I'm still stumped!
0519Author Commented:
Also, there is no installation of the game, it is just started at the CD ROM prompt (E:) by typing the bat file LAB.
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0519Author Commented:
Could you post this .BAT file? Thanks.
As it seems you are trying to play an MS-DOS game under WIN95
The easiest way to get rid of the assignment D for your ZIP-drive
is to assign a special DOS-session to that game (I hope you
know how to do that: Look at the Program Properties and choose
a self configured DOS-session. Here you only install the drivers
you want to load). Doing it this way, WIN95 will reboot your
computer each time you start the game, but you can decide which
drivers to load. Don't forget to enter the mouse and your
CD-ROM drivers...
I'm using a customized PIF already, that gets me to the E prompt OK, the problem starts when I begin the game at the E prompt. The message says invalid media type, failure reading drive D.
0519Author Commented:
So... What about that batch file? (You could inverse those 2 letters too, by the way...)
The BAT file is:
@echo off
set dos4g=quiet
player %1 %2

labw is a subdir. on the CD, dos4g.exe and player.exe are in that folder.
 While I know that I can reassign drive letters, I'd like to know what is going on here for future reference.
0519Author Commented:
Well... Nothing suspicious in that batch file. Could you do a DIR LABW*.* /S from C: drive? If you find any file like this tell me.
type DIR /AH /S. That looks for hidden files eberywhere on the hard drive. Anything syspicious?
Try "subst d: e:". Subst is a file from your directory c:\winpath\command.
BINGO!  I typed SUBST D: \ on the bat file line in the PIF and it worked perfect!  All I can think of is that this game was written to default the D drive as a CDROM device.  Any thoughts?
Thanks to all who contributed!
0519Author Commented:
The game uses the first non-standard drive as default CD-ROM,
like a lot of games. This is the reason, why you must make
sure that your CD-ROM is the first drive loaded with explicit
drivers. From your question I see that you still have your
ZIP-drive as first drive. You must force your computer to ignore
that ZIP-drive by removing the drivers from your configuration
files or loading it after loading your CD-ROM.

Thanks, that confirmed my hunch.  The zip drive should be drive E.  Yes I did configure the DOS session for the game, and it works fine.  Thanks again.

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