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jbeiss asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
Mac Performa 6205CD, OS 8. Since installing OS 8 (new upgrade for Emailer Lite from 1.0v4 (?) came with OS 8), email is numbered consecutively each time I download it; thus, in one month it appears that I received 663 items; however, application did not recognize that email was downloaded and generally deleted and it eventually closed the mailbox, informing those writing me that the mailbox was full. Actually I had about 10 items in the mailbox, no more!
I have since closed out of busiest listserve, but I had to have ISP delete all email of 663 items. When I restarted, email was OK, but it still numbers consecutively (I am now up to #68 or so) and it is just a question of time before the mailbox will register as full and close!.  
Do I have to reinstall from the CD (OS 8)? If I do, how do I save mail folders and addressbook? I have tried Apple and Claris, both of whom are absolutely useless! They said would call back--sometime or other.
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It sounds to me as if when you installed the new system, it somehow checked the preference to leave mail on the server. I don't use the Claris program, but I am fairly certain if you go to the preferences or settings you will find an option either to leave mail on the server or not. If you choose NOT to leave it on the server, then your problem should disappear.


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10/21; 9PM:  Rifty: Thanks for response. I went into Claris Emailer, checked preferences and found there is no simple option to leave mail on server or not. I did check all preferences and noted the following: There is an option as to how mail is deleted from "Filing Cabinet" -- Read Mail is deleted after 20 days; Sent mail is deleted after 20 days; I just changed Deleted mail: it is now deleted after quitting Emailer; it was deleted after 5 days.

Allow me to return to Claris Emailer to bring down new mail and I will see if the change to deleted mail handling causes Emailer to notice that mail is being downloaded and thereby begin with message #1 each session. I am sceptical.I'll be back. Judy Beiss


10/21 9:30PM  RIFTY: I wish you were familiar with Claris Emailer Lite. I downloaded mail since last we spoke and sure enough I received message #89! However, I did check out the "Internet Service Entry" (not Preferences) under Emailer's Set-up window and found the following on the window which sets up Acct name, user name, email address,email acct, and password for Claris Emailer, SMTP info; there were also two more items: l) do not delete read messages; and 2) ignore already read messages.  I UNCHECKED #1 which means they should now be deleted, right? I did not know what to do with #2, so I left it checked.(I still cannot figure that one out!) Hopefully, this can work when I next download mail. I'll be in touch. Judy Beiss

Hi Judy: By all means take your time and experiment with those settings - they may solve the problem one way or another, though I suspect that the "Filing Cabinet" is for your hard drive and not for the server, which could be ominous. Nevertheless, it may help in finding the solution.

Another thought struck me. Do you have a copy of NCSA Telnet or Nifty Telnet and do you know how to access your email account on the server itself using one or other of these? Because if you do, you can go in periodically and clear the mainframe mailbox if there seems to be no other option on Claris Emailer. I can help you there if need be.

If you are not getting anywhere, of course reject my answer and put the question back on the market!

Cheers and good luck,


OK, just got your last comment as I sent mine. If you will bear with me for a day or so I will see if I can get access to a copy of the program and look at it, but you are certainly looking in the right area. It should have been simpler than that in the program to remove mail from the server (Eudora 3.0 shareware is a very good email program! If all else fails, that might be an option worth considering as it definitely lets you take the mail off the server.)

However, unchecking that option should do the trick as far as I can see. Please keep in touch as you get some feedback from the system.



RIFTY:10/21, 10 pm: Hope this is not boring you to tears! The Claris Emailer  Filing Cabinet is an integral part of that app (which is a very nifty app): it contains read,sent, deleted mail folders as well as all other folders one might set up for downloaded mail. When I Unchecked that option of "#1 do not delete read messages" and dialed up for new mail, a message appeared announcing mail was being deleted! HOWEVER, I then  downloaded message #90 which mentioned you had added a comment.I think I will now go back and UNCHECK #2: "ignore already read messages." We will then have "do not ignore already read messages" in effect.  I will keep you posted. I would never have gone into that Internet Service Entry window had you not mentioned preferences....
As for Telnet, that's a source of other questions since OS 8 which I will get to. I use telnet for libraries and I have several specific library telnet icons in my Apple menu which work, but somehow, I've lost the general Telnet.  May I query you about all that after I get that Emailer matter straightened out? Judy


10/21 10:46 PM:  RIFTY: SUCCESS! the notification of your last comment came in as #1! Claris Emailer had to be closed out and reopened before that Unchecking I did in the Internet Service Entry folder took effect.I would never have even thought to look there had you not suggested checking out preferences....I'm such a novice, I hate to touch anything!
By the way, Claris Emailer Lite is an absolutely great program. I've used it for slightly more than 1 1/2 years now; Claris of course is really part of the Apple operation so there are no conflicting extensions etc in Claris apps. In comparing Emailer with Eudora, friends report that Emailer has many really nice features which are not in Eudora such as an addressbook which works almost automatically, really simple filing system with specific folders for downloaded mail etc etc Unfortunately, Claris does not provide a manual and I'm the kind of user who reads manuals! They have extensive websites with FAQs etc, which I have never found the slightest bit helpful. they do not support apps shipped with Macs and that is a pain!
Again, let me thank you.
I do really have questions concerning Telnet etc since installing OS 8...should I simply post these as new questions?   Judy Beiss

Judy:  Congratulations on solving the problem - you did much of it yourself once you got into the right area. (If you're wondering about the break in communications, I was at lunch - that's the time in Australia at the moment.) I take your point about Claris emailer - as I have never used it you can imagine that I couldn't make the comparison with Eudora - but if something works for you and you like it, stick with it. I am the type who pokes around the program rather than reading the manual (only if all else fails....) but it is a good policy really to read the manual.

Now that the question has been answered (and many thanks for the points!) it might be a little difficult to continue the discussion here, but if you post another question for very low points or even for zero points concerning telnet, I'll try to answer them. I should warn you though that I haven't installed OS8 and that some other person may be better able to answer more completely and correctly. Still, submit the questions for low points and I'll do my best. If I can't answer them, you can increase the points and someone else can have a go.


Rifty in Oz.


Rifty: I'll be back. here in New York it is after midnight and I am absolutely exhausted! OS 8, by the way, is very much fun although I have not quite gotten the hang of everything yet [it's only been a month], but the ole' computer does seem to run faster and smoother.I was able to switch back and forth between Netscape and Claris Emailer while we were working on my problem: that's a thing I would not have done in the past as I would probably have crashed.I am crashing less. Of course, OS 8 takes alot of RAM [I now have 48!].  have you looked at the website for Telnet? Can it be that it is closing down???? Regards. I'l be back with Telnet.Judy

Judy: I think that Telnet's functions have been overtaken increasingly by the operating system, Open Transport etc. so it is no longer being developed. Still, it is going to be in use for a while as long as older computers are still around. Glad your having fun with OS8. My system is rather old and I am reluctant to upgrade it beyond the limits of the computer itself, but I may have to bite the bullet before long as I am losing competence to answer OS8 type questions. Email me at janette@sizzling.com if you like. Now go to bed!  :)


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