ipfwadm to a MASQ machine


      Is it possible to forward ports 20, 21, 80 (linux gateway static ip) to a masq'ed computer(Ip= nt server box)? if so what should i use?
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Do you mean that any calls to these ports should be forwarded to the box? If so then i am sorry but you are out of luck as this cannot be done. IP forwarding is used to forward from one ip to another. Sorry that I couldn;t be of more help,



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It can be done. You want a package called ipautofw that will redirect ports on a firewall (masquerading machine) to other machines behind the firewall.

Pick it up from ftp://ftp.netis.com/pub/members/rlynch/

The intention is to provide a generic solution to allow 'difficult' protocols to be successfully masqueraded, but you can also use it to bridge a firewall for specific ports.

mac0SAuthor Commented:
I have heard that ipautofw is buggy at best. Is it stable under 2.0.3x
I haven't used it myself, but I've heard from people who have it working satifactorily. There's another similar package, called, I believe, redir, which is specifically aimed at what you want to do.
mac0SAuthor Commented:
i heard something about rinetd.... so i'll be looking into that


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