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IBM Global Network Dialer AND Sprynet Dialer

scotsmen asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-26
OK...here goes.  I have a personal account with Sprynet that I access using W95 DUN -- a pretty standard procedure.  I also have a business acount with IBM.  In order to access my business e-mail and other things I have to change the settings under DNS entry under [start>control panel>network>tcp/ip settings].  This requires rebooting the computer.  Does anyone know of a way that I could bypass having to restart computer.  Normally, the dialer should take care of specifying TCP/IP settings (in fact, I specify the same DNS entries in the setup for the dialer as I do in the network settings).  The problem seems to come from the need to also specify a domain name and host name.  There is no way to do this in the IBM dialer (as far as I know) and I don't know how to do it(if it's possible) with DUN.  I do have a DUN entry for IBM Global Network, w/ all the right settings, but currently there is no advantage to using it instead of the IBM dialer.  Any ideas (maybe a script?)
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You don't have to do it from there. These settings are good if you use ONE account only.  Your case is different since you have two different accounts (ISP) and each needs its own DNS entry and search order.

You would set it up like this:
1) Double click on My computer on your desktop
2) Double click on the dialup networking
3) There you must have TWO connections
4) Click, on any of them then right click and select properties
5) Select the Server type tab
6) Have only the TCP/IP checked on the bottom, and click on TCP/IP settings
7) Second section, specify name server addresses, is where you insert your Primary DNS and Secondary DNS search order.

Repeat the same for the other connection.

Now go to your network icon in control panel, double click, then select the TCP/IP- Adapter, then properties.  There under the DNS configuration you should disable DNS
This is the best way to get two different connection or more (with different DNS entries to work without rebooting your system)

Hope this helped

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Thanks for answering.  Unfortunately, the DNS entries are already set-up under the DUN properties for each different connection (w/ the approriate DNS entires of course.)  Still I get an error message from Lotus saying "Unable to find Notes Server" or something like that unless the settings are changed under network properties.  go fig.  Anyway, since you've taken at least sometime to answer, and I hope you take some more =), if you'd like more points just ask.

***Forget the points for now, let's focus on the problem***

1) If I understood correctly, you have disabled your DNS entries    from your Network Icon, TCP/IP and you can't use any          connection??

2) Now would that mean, that if you set one DNS entry of any of     these connection, from the Network icon, and DNS configuration    it would work??

Please confirm!!


I'll describe what I currently have it set-up as:
DNS is disabled under tcp/ip properties
I use my Sprynet connection (w/ W95 dialer) to connect.
If I want to connect to the office, I go to the tcp/ip properties
and setup specify the host name, domain name, and search order for DNS entires.  The computer then restarts and I then use the IBM Global Network Dialer (mind you not the W95 dialer) to connect.  I can then use Lotus.  However, if I try using Netscape then it just "freezes" on "Contacting host:...".  It can connect to a few sites though (one's pertaining to IBM's internal network) and can obviously lookup the DNS entries for web names even though it can't actually connect.  If I then want to connect to a web site, I have to disable DNS and then restart the computer and then signon using Sprynet.  There must be an easier way!  =(

I don't get it, why it's not working this is a sample of how your Sprynet connection should be configured:

I.Configuring the Dial-Up Networking Connection to SPRYNET
       1.Click on START
       2.Point to PROGRAMS
       3.Point to ACCESSORIES
       4.Click on DIAL-UP NETWORKING
       5.Click on the SPRYNET connection icon
       6.Click on FILE from the Dial-Up Networking menu bar
       7.Click on PROPERTIES from the FILE MENU
       8.Dial-Up Networking properties GENERAL tab:
          a.In the CONNECT USING section, Click the SERVER TYPE             button
          b.The SERVER TYPES window
             I.In the TYPE OF DIAL-UP SERVER box, select PPP
             II.In the ADVANCED OPTIONS section verify that:
                  1.LOG ON TO NETWORK is UNCHECKED
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left
            III.In the ALLOWED NETWORK PROTOCOLS section verify                 that:
                 1.NETBEUI is UNCHECKED
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left
                 2.IPX/SPX COMPATABLE is UNCHECKED
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left
                 3.TCP/IP is CHECKED
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left
             IV.Click on the TCP/IP SETTINGS button
              V.The TCP/IP SETTINGS window:
                 1.Click the WHITE CIRCLE to the left of SERVER                    ASSIGNED IP ADDRESS
                 2.Click the WHITE CIRCLE to the left of SPECIFY                    NAME SERVER ADDRESSES
                 3.In the PRIMARY DNS box, enter
                 4.In the SECONDARY DNS box, enter
                 5.Verify that the PRIMARY WINS box contains          
                 6.Verify that the SECONDARY WINS box contains            
                 7.Verify that USE IP HEADER COMPRESSION is                    CHECKED
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left
                 8.Verify that USE DEFAULT GATEWAY ON REMOTE                        NETWORK is CHECKED
                    a.You may CHECK or UNCHECK this option by                       clicking in the WHITE BOX to its left

                 9.Click the OK button in the TCP/IP SETTINGS                    window
              VI.Click the OK button in the SERVER TYPES window
                 c.Click the OK button in the GENERAL tab
       9.Click on FILE from the Dial-Up Networking menu bar
      10.Click CLOSE from the FILE MENU

Now for your IBM dialer I know that IBM ships it's own script for loging onto their network which you DON'T HAVE to use and instead create a regular PPP connection like the one used for Sprynet.  I could even get you the IBM DNS entries if you want.

Check if these settings match yours.


The settings for Sprynet are correct, which makes sense because my Sprynet connection works fine.  As for IBM, I have the DNS entires but, as you said, I don't have the script.  If you know where to get the script I would be ~extremely~ grateful.  If you need the DNS entries, here they are (in fact, here's all the info. needed to fill out the fields on the TCP/IP ->Dial-Up Adapter and then DNS Configuration tab of the Network settings under the control panel):
Host name = gcmack
Domain: somers.hqregion.ibm.com
DNS search order:
This does work rembmember -- that is not the problem.  Its the necessity of having to restart the computer.  Thanks for all your help with this.  If you're missing some info. just say so and I'll try to provide what I can.


I succeeded to locate one of my clients who is using IBM services as ISP and the DNS entries I have are different than yours (maybe it depends of each country?? who knows how they have their servers set).  I set him up as PPP, and eliminated the use of the script, since the script will turn your connection to a single dialer and it will be like going one step backward of where we are standing right now.

Here are the DNS we've got to access IBM:
Primary   DNS
Secondary DNS


But as I said you sould have that section disabled in order to have these 2 connections working side by side.

I'll continue more research (mind you it should have worked, the way I asked you to set)

This is an abstract from a news group:

There has been a lot of confusion about how to configure Windows 95 for TCP/IP and no more than for Dial-Up access with PPP. The
good news is that Windows 95 can be easily adapted to support MULTIPLE Dial-Up Internet Service Providers and a mixture of static and dynamic addressing without rebooting. The bad news is that configuration is confusing because Windows 95 is so powerful, allowing both LAN and Dial- Up configurations on the same machine. This note discusses how to set up a Windows 95 PC with Dial-Up access only (no LAN) with suggestions on how to configure a Windows 95 PC with LAN access. I have tested Dial-Up access with an IBM Aptiva using the IBM Mwave Dial-Up adapter (when I was a boy we called them modems) over analog telephone access to a local service provider here in San Diego, CTS, as well as local access to the Compuserve PPP network. I have not tested LAN adapters or multiple LAN adapter profiles.....

Just to show you that "YOU DON'T HAVE TO REBOOT"...


Thanks for all the work you're putting into this.  I'll go pop over to tech support at IBM, again, and put in a question with this new info.  Thanks again for all your time and, if you can, please keep the help coming.  

I hope you land on a good tech guy at IBM, we have bunped into a couple that didn't know much.  Just take it a grain of salt.
Not to worry about my effort here, I just wanna get you up and running the way you want.


I've just spent the last couple of hours looking throug FAQ's, bulletin boards, and then posting emails.  Unfortunately, because this is mostly a business problem (using Lotus to connect to office intranet) I can't use the standard help lines.  Sigh...Any new developments on your side?  BTW, I did find one interesting mention of a similar problem on a FAQ.  Some guy had two different ISP in the office and they simply used a script to have the computer differentiate between the two.  Don't know if that helps you in your search at all (he was pretty vague)...  Anyway,  thanks again for all the time you're putting in.  Scotsmen


No, nothing here, all the abstracts, reports, or news letter still explain doing the same things I suggested up there.  It looks to me that something is holding your system from connecting. (lotus?? everything is possible)

O.K. you will be my eyes on your end to feed me with all the info I need.
1) Go to your dial up networking and tell me how many connections    you have there??
2) What I want you to try here is:
  - Double click on your sprynet connection (directly from here)     and check if it connects. (if yes, hangup)
  - Now double click on the IBM connection (also directly from       here) and check if it connects.

I want you to post me exactly all the messages, while connecting or not.



There are two items under Dial-Up Networking.  Sprynet is one, and the other is IBM Global Network (this is different from the dialer that I normally use though to connect to IBM.  For that I use the IBM Global Network dialer -- a separate program.)  Both can connect to their respective numbers, and both allow me to connect to web sites.  However, with both, if I try using Lotus Notes w/ either setup (remember, right now DNS Configuration is disabled) I get a message from Lotus Notes that says "Checking for D02ML001 on TCPIP" and then says "Unable to find path to server."  However, if I go setup the DNS configuration w/ host name, domain, and DNS search order, Lotus works fine.  However, I am only able to connect to three sites on the internet (all related to IBM support for intranets.)  For all other sites the web browser just reads "Contacting host:..."  I did try a little test in which I ping various web sites (www.uovault.com, www.cnet.com, etc.) to see the results.  The computer is able to contact them, which means it can connect to the InterNIC (spl?), but then all requests are timed out.  Hope that helps.  Scotsmen

Yes it did help, at least now I know that the Connections from dialup networking are O.K. For a while I could not understand why.  Now the situation is much clearer.


1) You could connect using the 2 connections in dialup networking
2) You are not using the IBM dialer from dialup networking when you connect to IBM
3) If you connect from dialup networking using the IBM connection you have no problem surfing the net, with Nestcape or IE.

Now the only problems I see so far, is the fact:
- You don't use IBM dialer from the dialup networking and therefore Lotus is timming out..

Fine the choices are the following:
1) Use Netscape or IE to surf instead of Lotus
2) Adjust the time out for your connection trough the registry    settings under LOTUS if any (cause I don't use it and there is    no way to check it from here)

Do the following;
then do a "Find" in the registry for a  "timeout".  You'll find a lot of them but the one we are looking for the one under LOTUS.

Could you locate it and post results here (switches of the time out)


Actually, I think there is still some confusion so I'll start from the beginning.
A while ago, I decided to use Sprynet as my ISP.  Since I wanted to use Netscape, a 32-bit program, and the Sprynet dialer was only 16-bit (at the time), I configured a dial-up connection for Sprynet along with a script (as according to their FAQ.)  Everything was fine.  Then I decided to use Lotus Notes from home to access my business account and stuff from home.  For that, I installed Lotus notes and the IBM Global Network Dialer.  While setting up the GND (global network dialer), it asks to specify whether you will be connecting to the internet, an intranet, or both.  Originally, since I have a business account, I specified intranet.  (However, recently I fooled around and specified both, which allowed me to connect to the internet, but I'll get to that later.)  Anyway, I then talked to a peer from work who gave me detailed instructions on how to connect.  Included was the need to enabled DNS configuration, specify the domain, host name, and DNS search order under Start>Settings>ControlPanel>Network>TCP/IP Dial-Up Adapter.  Everytime I change those properties, I have to restarted the computer <--- this is the problem.  After enabling DNS configuration with all the right settings and restarting the computer, I then would connect using the IBM GND.  However, while the computer is setup like that I am unable to access web sites, ftp sites, or my email.  I can, however, connect to a few sites that are specifically related to IBM Intranet Help.  With the computer setup like this, I then run Lotus Notes and everything works properly.  However, should I restart the computer with DNS Configuration disabled, and I try running Lotus Notes (after dialing with the IBM GND) I get a message like "Searching for D02ML001 on TCP/IP" and then "Unable to find path to Notes server."  Web sites, email, etc. can be reached however.  BTW, I don't want/am not allowed to use the IBM GND as my personal ISP since I am not actually paying for the service.  Anyway, I hope that clarifies the problem.  BTW, if you want you can just email me directly at scotsmen@sprynet.com   thanks.
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