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Harddrive Partition

beacon asked
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Last Modified: 2006-11-17
I need some help. please.  I am upgrading a computer that's about 3
yrs old to a 2.1 gb hard drive.  The motherboard apparently doesn't
recognize any drive above 504mb, so I'm using EZ-Drive 5.02U software to try to break the barrier.  The problem is, it wants to set it up as 2 partitions, each with about 1 gig in each one.  I'd REALLY like to have it as one partition with 2 gig on it.

Apparently the new EZ-Drive has this capability, but its $20.  There
must be a way around this, anyone have any ideas?  Please email ASAP to:  beacon2@usa.net      Or if someone feels like it, it wouldn't make me mad if they would attach the new EZ-Drive software.  :)  

Advice is fine, I just want to get this working ASAP.  Thanks!!!
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You defenetly can't create a partition over 2G. For that you need OS2 or WinNT


I think NOT, Mike!  There are several 3rd party programs that will break the barrier, I just want some advice on which one and how.  The EZ-drive software that shipped with the Toshiba drive will break it, but it divides it into 2 partitions, I want it in 1 large C drive.
I have a 3.1 GIG HD, and I haven't found a software which will create partitionss over 2G except OSR2 or NT. Some software support partitions over 504MB, bt noone over 2G

There is NO workaround with the old EZ-Drive. And you are totally wrong in your comment, you can NOT have a >2048MB partition without using Windows NT or Win95 osr2 (or any other OS that has a REAL file/disk handling system). It just isnt possible. All these softwares you are refering to does is to enable you to use a DISK larger then 540MB when it is divided into ONE OR SEVERAL partitions no larger then 2048MB.

As for myself, i would rather throw out the old motherboard then to trust any type of these "extension" programs. Thank god NT dosent support 'em! ;)

And furthermore beacon, piracy (even if it is just a $20 piece of hardsware) is a crime.


Can't you read, MikeP and j2? I said, "I'd REALLY like to have it as one partition with 2 gig on it."  It was creating 2 partitions with 1 gig each, and I wanted a 2 gig partition as I plainly stated.  I got the problem resolved so don't waste your valuable "expertise" on it anymore, thank you.  Its a shame that MikeP happened to be the first one to respond (albiet with an incorrect solution) that he sucks my account for 100 points.

And j2, I wasn't asking advice on whether I should scrap my currently working motherboard, I was asking advice for a specific problem with a hard drive partition and expected an answer to that question, which you missed also.  You don't have to lecture me on piracy or any other moral issue, I'm well aware that it is illegal and I was joking!  Don't you "computer experts" know what the little smiley face means?  By the way, j2, piracy relates to software, not hardware, as you said in your comment.

Geesh, some "experts" we have on here!

  ill agree with u 110% that there are a few "experts" here that
need to go back to school...there advise some times down right
SUCKS...but dont take it to heart, there still are a few ppl around here who have a slight clue as to whats going on.
  I will give u some advice tho...for like $30 bucks u can pick
up a new hard drive controller (fit into any isa or visa slot)
that will contain an EIDE bios...think about this, from experence
i know what can happen when using disk over lay software to get past the 540 mb problem (yes, i realize im off topic from your


The BEST way to partition your hd is with partition magic...
one of, if not the best.



Nevermind who's right and who's wrong, who's best and who's worst, the MOST important is you got your problem solved.  Therefore I'm posting you here how to remove the question yourself.


HOW to delete a question yourself??

You can delete a question yourself if it has not yet received an or answer.  To do so just pull up the question at Experts Exchange and click on the "Delete question..." link.  Then click on "Refund."

martike: I do agree with you. We offer free service, because we like helping people. I know j2, and everyone is free to check his account here. I think he can be considered as an expert, and if he needs to go back to school, it's definitely not to learn about computers. Maybe teaching, thought :)

Well, i have my own way of dealign with situations like these, Since i can clearly see that my help is not wanted by the person asking this question, i wont bother to look if he asks another question. And for shep, we´ll i´ll just ignore his comment all together.

Now, this isnt why i wrote this comment, i would like to ask all the participants to move this discussion to another forum, such as email, to avoid cluttering this place with unrelated comments.
If anyone wants to send me any comments, mail me at dummyadress12@x-files.pp.se

 No where did I ever single out j2 in my last comment, nor anybody for that matter. My comment is in reguard to advice (even spelled it right this time, did ya notice?) thats way off the topic of the question asked. While it may be the right answer, what good does it do if its for the wrong question.
  To j2...if you took my comment to heart, it wasnt meant as an attack on you. Enough said.

From my viewpoint, Shep had the best suggestion to your challange. Using a software based answer to translate your FAT to one the older bios can manange is a diaster waiting to happen. Please consider using a ISA hardware based Rom upgrade to install the drive with native support for upto 2.1 gigs per partation. The new Bios will usually max out at 8 gigs... As 3.2 gig and larger is becoming 'normal' the investment will pay off in spades. You will be limited to 2.1 gig per partation, unless you go with OSR 2.0,2.1, or the soon to be released osr 2.5 .... Still, 4 partation, each containing 2 gigs is not bad.....

When you buy new HDD with size more than 512MB it contain smal partition (20MB). On this partition you can find DiskManager which can solve your problem. I think so mayby you delete this partition or you have HDD without this program. If you tell me what HDD you have mayby I find DiskManager for you at my old diskettes. This is problem not with 2GB but with LBA and LARGE. Your mother board don't have this.

Sorry for my english.

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mirek: Where did you get that idea at? I've bought dozens of hards disks, the bigger one being the lastes quantum bigfoot 6.5 gig. I never saw _any_ partition on them.
Disk Manager eventually comes on floppy. If you've seen it on a partition, that because of a particular brand or reseller.
98% of disk purchased by my company have this partition. This can only help  with partition<=2GB of course.
BTW-We often buy Quantum and Segate but only sometimes BigFoot. BigFoot is very slow so we sugesst to use FireBall. We never using Caviar because this is very bad HDD. No one Caviar works more than 1 year.
I wrote so I have some programs. I now add so this programs is free.
Quantum and Seagate merge, or one was bought out by the other, can't remember.
You might have a special deal with your reseller, this never happened to me. I bought hard drives both SCSI and IDE, both from France and USA.
In any case, I think disk manager is brand specific. I've received it once with a Quantum bigfoot. (on floppy)
I don't know why, but this is standard in Poland. This HDD is not opened. This is factory prepared partition.
I think so the main distributor in Poland geting disks with this partition. This is very good idea because many people still using 386 and 486 without LBA (for DOS programs).
Might be. But, don't you have to remove the partition real fast? I'd hate having a primary partition of 20 megs just so I can understand the rest of the disk :) Well... At least I've learned something :)

Believe or not this was the perfect settings, 20Mg primary partition, saying it will make your system boot faster.  But I guess now with WIN95, this setting is probably OFF.

follow below link if your new hd is a maxtor...
ver 9.0 of ez-drive...FREE FREE FREE...
lovly word free

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